Many metals came, and many metals will go out of fashion, but the value of gold is still deep-rooted among everyone since the beginning of the time. For about 3k to 5k years ago, the Egyptians preferred the luxury, rarity, and workability of gold over other metals. Currently, gold is one of the high valued metals in the jewelry industry.

One of the key things to consider when buying the gold is the karat (the unit in which it gets measured). It denotes the purity of the gold and usually gets expressed with a "k" or "kt." The best way to determine the gold is by checking the purity stamp in the shank of any anniversary diamond rings or other types of rings.

Gold in its purest form, i.e., 24K, is malleable and soft. Thus, it gets mixed with other metals like copper, palladium, zinc, etc. to maintain its durability and strength. Once made into an alloy, the gold is available in multiple karats such as 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. Most people prefer 18k because it has the proper balance between purity and sturdiness. Let's take a look at the benefits of opting for 18k.

1- Classic Appearance:

With fewer impurities, the 18k gold wedding, engagement or eternity rings retains its classic yellow appearance. Most people, unknown with the definition of gold's purity and color, do not believe in the authenticity of the rings if they do not possess the yellowish tone to it. Hence, 18k makes the best alternative of pure gold for any rings.

2- The Purest Form of Gold Ring:

If the anniversary rings are 18k, then it means that out of 24 parts, 18 parts of the piece are gold, and the rest six get made of other metals. In simple terms, 18k is 75% gold and 25% other alloys. This percentage of the mixture gets highly recommended for engagement and wedding rings. With a higher percentage of gold, 18k gold is the purest form of gold when compared with 14k or 10k

3- Hard and Sturdy:

As 18k gold has up to 25% of the alloy, it has an excellent sturdiness to it. The robust nature allows it to get used as daily wearable gold. Hence, it is the most purchased karat of gold worldwide.

4- Less or No Hypoallergenic:

Compared to 10k and 14k gold rings, 18k gold rings get composed with less mixture of different metals. The metals used in alloying gold can cause allergy to the people. Hence, lesser alloy equals to lesser or no hypoallergenic.

5- Cheaper:

Higher Karat golds like 22k have the perfect gold color and have a high-price tag too. Also, they are soft and can get easily scratched. Whereas, the 18k gold rings will give you the right yellow color in a cheaper price range while avoiding the impact of being scratched.

Bottom Line

We hope these benefits are enough for you to select the 18k unique matching wedding bands to commemorate your special day. As there are many dealers out there, make sure to invest in the proper engagement ring that displays both the maker's mark and purity marks inside the shanks.

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