Endodontic treatment also recognised as root canal therapy is a form of dental treatment for replacing the damaged or infected tooth pulp with a filling. It will help you to maintain your natural smile, make you capable of eating the foods you love and confines the requirements for ongoing dental care.

Virtually Pain-Free Procedure
Endodontic treatment is pain-free and straightforward that gets complete in two appointments. It often leaves you with less soreness during recovery. With the advancement of technology and effective anaesthesia, patients who take root canal are six times more expected to illustrate it as painless as compared to those who have a tooth extracted.

Improves your appearance
Infection, fracture and decay can cause aesthetic tissues with your tooth and make it crack or appear darker. However, when professionals perform endodontic treatment in Brisbane or all around the world, they seal the hole created with long-lasting and tooth coloured substance for a natural appearance. Then they make a customised crown to cover, reinforce and give a face-lift to the other area of your tooth. Hence this restoration will prepare your tooth to look best and function as your natural teeth.

Develop your overall well being& Health
Living with an unhygienic tooth can be harmful to your general and oral health. Bacteria could go through surrounding teeth and germ may travel all over your body. Therefore undergoing Endodontic therapy is a proactive method for protecting your wellbeing and maintains your beautiful smile.

Ease your toothache
If you are suffering from an infected tooth pulp, it can cause the following-
• Fever
• Tenderness
• A tainted smell or taste around the affected tooth
• Swelling in the gums and jaw tissue
• Mild to harsh toothache and could be persistent or irregular
By addressing the source of these problems, Endodontic treatment can assist you in getting back your comfort and peace of mind.

Relatively Simple Procedure
Many individuals fear endodontic treatment as they erroneously think that it is invasive, painful and complicated to perform. However it is a very simple process as in the starting of treatment, the doctor will give you anaesthesia to keep you comfortable and tranquil. Then they will make a small hole in your tooth for removing the pulp from your tooth. Finally, they will clean your tooth, seal the small hole and insert a dental crown over it.

Save a diseased tooth from extraction
If left untreated, a pulp infection could weaken your tooth’s position within the jaw and depreciate its most essential structure. As a result, it could cause your tooth to fall out minimally or need an extraction. Most patients would much choose to experience Endodontic treatment than live with a breach in their smiles or call for more sophisticated restorative action such as dental implants.

If you are suffering from an infected pulp, do not hold over your treatment! Look for Endodontic treatment in Brisbane to repair your smile with simple and effective process.

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