Feeding the dog with a wholesome meal at correct times will ensure vitality and health to your pet. However the posture of the dog while eating also has an important part to play in maintaining the right posture and to develop good feeding habits alike slow eating. By leaning forward to reach out to the food the dog will be putting unnecessary strain on its backbone and it could lead to problems like joint pain in the later stages. If you have an older dog, it is very important that the dog bowls are kept at an optimum height so that the dog can eat food easily. This will not only make the feeding hours enjoyable for both the dog owner and the pet but also will keep the skeletal frame work in good condition.

Not many of us know that elevated dog bowls help in promoting better digestion as the food reaches the stomach easily and quickly. The food will be transformed faster to energy to keep the pet agile and active all day.

By leaning forward and humping while eating the dog’s forearm and writs area is put to undue strain. A raised dog bowl will ease the tension of the forearm considerably, making the pet able bodied and happy. Wrong posture while eating will also affect the shoulder and the hip area adversely and will enhance the dog's muscular frame, too.

Make sure to remember a few tips to be double sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from the dog bowls. Ideally the dog bowls should be six inches below the dog's front shoulder and in case of a smaller breed, it can be four inch. You can choose the size of the dog bowl as per the food requirements of your pet and can fill it accordingly. These days’ dog bowls are available in various capacities ranging from 2 to 16 cups in volume.

Dog feeders are available in various materials including steel and plastic. Choose a light weight material that is rot resistant and keeps the food fresh and sterile. It should have a low thermal conductivity, which is ideal when you have to serve oven-fresh food to your dog.

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It is always better to go for reputed brands of dog feeders and durable feeders though it might cost you a bit extra while buying. Online shopping is ideal for bringing home all the pet accessories that you may need including heated dog beds or dog doors to ensure a happy environment for your pet.