Cloud becomes a vital aspect of the business. Transformation through the cloud is more pervasive and fast as compared with other technology. Gartern predicts that in 2020 a “corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today. Tomorrow is cloud and soon we will witness that every IT leader would be racing for the cloud. The advancement of cloud technology improves the ability of a business to perform at a globalized level. Every business is capitalizing on the speed, scalability, and economic value of the cloud. For making things possible, businesses need Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.
What is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?
The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider offers comprehensive cloud-based services that assist companies to partner with the single provider of cloud strategy, licensing, road mapping, implementation, user productivity, adaptation, security, etc. Integration of all aspects in one place is done by the cloud solution provider – a third-party company. The business capability is enhanced with the cloud and allows leverage of consolidated expertise in a single billing. Companies who opt for the traditional method are facing complexity in managing vendors and encounter additional time and cost that make business down.
Why you should choose the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?
Cloud helps a business to grow and anticipate all information in one place. It makes the business operations easy where things can be managed at one location. Cloud adaptation requires keen planning and gives long-term advantages to your business. Planning and deployment of strategy become easy with the cloud as you don’t need to inspect many documents and all information available in one place. Following are some of the top-rated reasons why you should choose the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider:
• Cost Saving: Azure is a data center of all your business information. Companies spend a lot of money to host their infrastructure and in-house server. Along with this, they have to pay for equipment, software, and licensing costs, in-house server, and staff to manage it. Moreover, the bandwidth is also limited as well as your chunk of data already spend on IT service management. When hosting a cloud server, bandwidth is effectively shared at minimum cost.
• Data Security: Many small businesses have the misconception that the cloud is not a safe place to host data. Moreover, you need to lock your server room and fill it with CCTV for protection. Thus, if you deploy azure at service, then it is protected under the security of Microsoft Datacenter. Azure gives you the best and most advanced security and privacy features and provides complete transparency to make you informed how data is accessed, stored, and secured. A global incident response team works around the clock to manage cyber threats.
• Non-replacement of hardware and software: The on-site server defines so many issues and problems like eventual legging of performance, increase running cost, warranty, risk of system failure, and many others. Microsoft Azure Cloud uses state-of-the-art technology as the system is regularly updated with the best equipment and software. The ongoing maintenance and progress are provided without any downtime experienced.

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The benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider helps in reaching new heights. The cost of deployment is minimum as well as data is safe and secure at every tip. With cloud services, many companies are now making their business a valuable one. The decision-making process, sales, marketing is getting praised at every level. At Dotsquares, we work with the client at every stage to understand their cloud needs and help in the cloud adaptation journey. We will help in letting you know how Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider can make your business unique.