I would like you to know about the different automated trading strategies in Forex and which is the best automated trading system.

Trading strategies

There are many trading style and the one that I mostly used is technical indicator with charting, bars and moving average. It can be used in a combination or short and long periods. At times multiple timeframe charting can be used to determine short and long periods as well. Before I start, you should have basic knowledge about Forex trading and the different technical indicator information.

Bars or candle sticks

This is particular useful for previous bar open, close, high and low price. Most used are the recent completed Bar which is used to compare with a certain rules or formula to predict the trend of the price. You can simply compare the open and close to determine if the price is going up or down, and execute a buy trade if is goes higher then the previous high price. You can use 2 previous bar and compare the 2 different high prices. Using it to predict the next bar will establish a higher price. Many trending strategy includes previous last 3 bars to determine short term trend in your trading.

The difference between the high and low, open and close, will show the volatility and extremely useful when trading sideways. Most scalping uses this to trading between the high and low, to gain small profits but in huge quantity. Trades are more frequent with smaller profits as compare with trending trading. Some trades uses the spike where the close and open price is close to either high or low price, to predict a systematic drop in price which will tally with the spikes that happened before the actual price drop.

Periods 20 or 200

In most technical indicator such as simple moving average (SMA), commodity channel indicator (CCI), relative strength index (RSI), moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), etc uses a predefined trading periods. This is the no. of previous price bar that is used to calculate the indicator placement or oscillator. This also depends on the charting timeframe. In most cases, anything that is less then 12 hours are considered short term. Period 20 in 15 minutes chart = 5 hours, period 8 in 1 hour charts = 8 hours and period 36 in 5 minutes = 3 hours. Likewise for more then 12 hours are consider long term. Period 20 in 4 hours chart = 80 hours, period 50 in 1 hour time frame = 50 hours, period 200 in 15 minutes chart = 50 hours.

Most trading strategies use crossing over of short and long term indicator to trigger trade. Some add on to use short term indicator previous history bar to determine the up or down trend. Other add on crossing of another long term indicator to indicate buy trade and crossing of another short term indicator to indicate sell trade.

15 minutes of 4 hour chart

Some time driven strategy compares multiple timeframe to determine the short term trend and long term trend. Commons used charting are 15 minutes, 1hour and 4 hours. 1 minute and 5 minutes are too short. 1 day and 1 week are too long. Due to the opening of financial market continuously open, close and overlap each other, 8 hours to 16 hours are adequate to provide history that the currency is trending or reversing in most cases. There fore 15 minutes of 4 bars can be uses together with 4 hours of 4 bars or 1 hours of 4 bars. Support and resistance can be determined on either chart and can be used to reinforced the trading strategy.

Best Automated Trading System

There are many that say they have the best automated trading system but I am one trader that looks at trading results. High profit factor, low drawdown and high return of investment are keys factor to look out. I recommend below parameter when you are choosing your best automated trading system. In most case, please select 2 or 3 to diversity your trading profile.

Profit Factor >2
Max Draw Down <20%
Return of Investment >50%

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