Almost all retailers have in-person Black Friday sales and online specials, while some even have better prices online than in-store.

Learn how to prepare for Black Friday

Know What You Can Afford
Before you spend a dime on Black Friday, set your budget.

Research Black Friday Sales
You can set price alerts for matches and similar products you plan to buy before shopping

Bookmark Your Favorite Retailers’ Websites
Set up a shopping bookmark category and then add the ones into the folder you want to remember or check out later.

Understand Price Matching
To get price-matching guarantees, you have to have proof in the form of the competitor’s flyers or online product pages.

Shopping on Black Friday

Use a Rewards Credit Card
This probably seems like a logical thing to do year-round, but many people miss this step. There are many credit cards with a year or more of no-interest promotions.

Dress Comfortably and Arrive Early
On Black Friday, many of the best sales occur early in the morning.

Be cautious in the parking lot. Be aware of your surroundings, and if someone is staring at you as you walk through the lot, you might consider going back to the mall and contacting security.


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