One of the places most people expect to find a reasonable degree of privacy is the bathroom. Given the kind of activities we go to do in there, it makes sense that you would want as much privacy as possible. Bathroom designs have been changing for a while now. Where a shower or a tub would have been acceptable, people now want more. The popularity of glass in the bathroom is one of the biggest trends in the last couple of years because of the style they provide, privacy, safety and aesthetic appeal.

Technology influences many aspects of our lives. Because of the continued innovations in this sector, we wouldn’t have glass that’s very thin but also incredibly strong. For this reason, there are a lot of different types of glass shower doors available for your bathroom. Of course, these glass doors come in different qualities and wow factors. They are an absolute wow factor in adding special value to the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to stand out but still feel like home, there are a few aspects such as the make of the glass, its type and how appropriate it is in terms of how you live and your family situation. Here are a few such examples of the most popular types of glass around;

Regular Clear Glass For Shower Doors

One of the most popular choices for bathroom glass is definitely the conventional clear glass that’s available in a lot of the house’ furniture. Regular clear glass has been specially designed for a more open feel than some of the others we’ll look at on this list. Given that’s its fully transparent, it doesn’t offer up much in terms of privacy.

Therefore, it’s more suitable in a home where privacy, especially in the bathroom, is not that strict since visibility is at nearly 100%. This type of glass is most likely tempered and allows the light from outside and other sources to easily enter. As a safety precaution, the shower doors are made such that they do not shatter even when they break which can actually save a life.

Acid Etched Glass For Shower Enclosure

If you are looking to have both privacy and light on your bathroom, then this is the next best thing. Due to the nature of the patterns on the glass, you cannot really see the person behind the fixed glass shower doors. Instead, you will see a silhouette that’s very blurry and unclear. This sort of glass is superior because of the level of privacy it affords the people but also not preventing your bathroom from being well lit and with an incredible finishing design.

Textured Glass For The Shower Door

If you want beautiful looking glass shower doors, then you have to go for textured glass. This is normal regular glass but with the sole difference of having dazzling visuals to complement it. Textured glass is very efficient in that it creates a nice visual effect that tends to be relaxing while still making sure that your privacy is secure. Most manufacturers will use designs of already known things such as wood, tiles, bricks, etc. People especially love this type of glass because of its textured surface, you don't expect to have any fingerprints or watermarks lingering around.

Shower Door Made Of Sandblasted Glass

Various forms of glass are available for manipulation so that we can get our perfect piece of glass that provides the best amount of privacy, especially in the bathroom.

Sandblasted glass is made by sandblasting clear glass with hot sand with the intention of keeping the glass translucent but also offering up a good amount of privacy. You can decide to complement these sandblasted glasses by either choosing one that’s been completely blasted or finding a partial one that can show you what’s going on the other side of the glass shower doors. When buying this glass, the distributor will also ask you about your preferred thickness so that you can have a bit more control over the entire process. Choosing one of the different choices just makes it that they have the necessary protection should something go wrong.

Starphire Glass Shower Door

This is yet another clear glass that comes in its crystal form without any color whatsoever. This particular brand of glass is popular with people who have nice plain flooring such as marble or tile since they will complement each other and make the bathroom pop and even look classier than it really is.

Hammered Glass For Shower Enclosure

This particular type of glass is gaining more popularity by the year. Its design features dents purposefully placed there to provide more of a rugged type of edge to the bathroom. Because of the way its dents are shaped and positioned, you can also be surprised at the way the light hits them to reproduce some of the best light without even trying.

Shower Door Made Of Cast Glass

Since most of the glass we see on this list comes in specific measurements, constructors must then assemble the pieces together to bring about a very good-looking bathroom. However, some people want more of a custom fit; enters the cast glass. This type of glass fixed glass shower panel is made to your specifications in the design of your choice. Here, first, the manufacturers make a mold for forming the glass and then place it in a kiln to heat up the. Because of its malleability, it’s usable in more places and with better customization options.

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