Maharashtra has so many of the country's most famous Hindu temples. Hinduism is India's most popular religion.Most visitors want to visit the state's most popular and sacred sites. Because of this, India is regarded as the land of so many supporters of religion.

Temple of Tulja Bhavani In Tuljapur

The temple of Tulja Bhavani situated in Tuljapur district of Osmanabad is a temple of Hinduism devoted to Durga Mata Goddess which is regarded 51 Shakti Peethas of Durga Goddess.The primary idol is made of granite, 3 feet in height.In the 12th century,In the twelfth century, the temple became built. There's additionally a temple committed to Markandeya rishi and a temple of goddess Annapurna inside the primary complicated. There is a celebration of playing drums in Nagarkhana very heavily every morning at 5 o'clock, that is a request for devotees to pray. Dussehra is celebrated in the temple. For more details of Tour packages of temples search for Ashtavinayak Tour Packages or Ashtavinayak Yatra.

Temple of Durga Devi In Guhagar

Temple of Durga Devi is devoted to Durga Matain Ratnagiri's Guhagar county and is regarded as the clan's Kuladevata or goddess.It is a temple in Panchayatan fashion as there are four shrines for the subordinate certain god's temples, such as the god of the sun, Ganesh, Shiva and Vishnu with Lakshmi Mata.People throughout the nation visit the temple during the Navaratri festival this is one of the old shrines of India's atmosphere at ocean and trees. Some think it is also the earliest shrines in the world re-done more lately. Best tour packages of temple available at Ashtavinayak Tour Packages from Pune, Mumbai and Many locationas.

Lalbaugcha Raja Temple

The Lalbaugcha Raja temple at Lalbaug during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival is the most famous Sarvajanik Ganapati temple in Mumbai.Every year, more than 1.5 million individuals visit this Ganesh pandal during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival's 10 days.This amount is actually increasing every year.The idol is immersed after the eleventh day on Anant Chaturdashi's auspicious occasion.In the current year, the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganapati statue is 81 years old.The Navsachi (for staunch devotees who want to indulge in Charan Sparsh) and the Mukha Darshan (for those who want to see the idol from afar) are the two types of darshan here.It is one of the most revered Hindu temples of Maharashtra. Best tour packages of temple available at AshtavinayakTour Packages or Ashtavinayak Yatra

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