Hip replacement surgery becomes inevitable when the severity of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis has resulted in the complete wear out of hip joints or other disorders such as hip dysplasis and avascular mecrosis. Likened to knee replacement surgery, our master specialists of Jyoti Nursing Home Hospital put an embed at the fitting area of the hip to take life back to commonality and upgrade the usefulness of hip point.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery is about?
The ball and socket joint in the hip is replaced with prosthetic gadgets made of ultra high-quality components. As it is particularly important to receive post surgery cares,, our orthopedic specialists in Jaipur takes greatest consideration in instructing our patients about the conceivable result of the medical procedure.

What we offer:
Prior to offering hip joint surgery in Jaipur at our clinic, it is forever our undertaking to delineate patients about the significance of this mind boggling medical procedure. In fact to alleviate the pain our patients, we encourage our patients to initially use orthoses such as kneecaps and walking sticks and subsequently begin with medications and physiotherapy to bring down the level of symptoms. Only in the event of unsatisfactory results, doctors in our orthopedic hospital in Jaipur explore your candidature for hip joint replacement based on the magnitude of restricted hip movements and impairment in bodily functions.

As decrease of torment and perceptible change in scope of movement is seen as days pass by, Jyoti Nursing HomeHospital, one of the presumed medicinal focuses to offer hip joint substitution medical procedure, Jaipur is sure of making a superior life for patients with hip joint restorative conditions.

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