In case you’ve been invited into your initial Indian wedding you might be completely baffled by the amount of ceremonies extending over a couple of days. If you’re wondering appropriate Indian wedding guest outfits then this manual to what to wear to Indian weddings will make matters easier. If you’re a Indian wedding extraordinaire with several notches on your Indian wedding belt then you are aware that the question of Indian wedding guest outfits demands meticulous advance preparation. However, this manual is very likely to have things going fast for you also.


An Indian wedding generally entails 4-5 ceremonies with every service requiring every person to strut their stuff at another ensemble. For the simplicity of figuring out exactly what to put on to an Indian wedding service under is a brief outline of those parties.


A Indian participation service is one which is frequently the most diverse of all of the wedding parties. Traditionally the engagement ceremony has been held at one of those betrotheds houses and has been attended solely by their parents, parents and siblings. Based upon the religious and cultural backgrounds of this couple the involvement ceremony is held as close as a few days to as much as a couple years prior to the actual wedding.

Outfit proposal for Female Guest attending the Engagement ceremony

The engagement ceremony will be much low-key affair, which doesn't involve any dancing or messy customs. As a result you can be a bit more experimental and relaxed with your outfit choice. Just keep in mind that Indian gowns and outfits for the engagement must not overshadow the bride or groom, offend anyone's sensibilities or be over-the-top for a simple do.

A-line lehengas and flowy gowns are always a good choice for an engagement ceremony, especially if you are not planning on wearing a lehenga to the wedding. Engagement ceremony outfits leave more room for creativity, so wearing something that shows off your personality and makes a statement is a good bet.
Lehengas and gowns are best accessorised with bangles or bracelets, earrings and a necklace to create a sophisticated look. Clutch bags are a stylish, yet practical option that mean you won't need to leave your essentials behind. Stilettos and wedges are always a fantastic alternative if you would like to present your appearance some excess oomph.

What not to wear?

Suits are best avoided to get an engagement service since they're normally worn for much more casual purposes, so wouldn't be suitable.designer kurti patterns are many and depends upon the occasion on which it is to be worn. Sarees are also seldom seen at an involvement since the service is no more a tradition feature, so people generally prefer to opt for something much more modern.

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