When buying a new printer, you need to pay attention to some key details. We will obviously use things like print quality and print speed to determine which printer is the best, but there are other details to consider to find the printer that best suits your needs.

Inkjet or laser?
If you want the widest range of color printing and can print photos at home, use inkjet printing. If you want to mainly print text documents or want to print in large quantities, the laser printer is your ideal choice, the text is clearer and the cost per page is lower. Check out our in-depth guide on inkjet and laser printing for more discussion.
Family or business?
Some printers are designed to provide high quality and high value for home users who print a few pages a week, while others are designed for busy offices (with dozens or hundreds of pages printed every day). Find the one that suits you and avoid paying for features you don’t need.
See the cost per page: Whether you use ink cartridges or toner, the printer will spend money over time. Check out our reviews to get a breakdown of the cost of printing a single page to better measure the operating cost over the life of the printer.
Consider the brand: You should also pay attention to who is making the printer you want to consider. We recently compared top printer manufacturers to see which always stand out in terms of print quality and speed.
Features for mobile devices: You need a printer to play well with more than just a laptop. Find a printer with Wi-Fi Direct for easy connection, and find a dedicated application that can bring more printing capabilities to smartphones.
Automatic two-sided printing: If you often need to print two-sided documents, two-sided printing is necessary because it allows the printer to refeed the page for printing on the other side. Skip this function, you will need to manually flip each page to perform the same operation.
Photo-specific features: If you plan to print a large number of photos, check out our selection of the best photo printers. But in general, look for a printer with a dedicated paper tray to facilitate snapshot printing. Also, look for printers that use more than 4 colors of ink. These extra colors make mixed colors better and more detailed.
Print for school? For many college students, printers are still indispensable, so please consult our university printing guide for all suggestions for students.

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