When it comes to display technologies the two worldwide famous brands Sony LCD and Samsung LCD comes in the mind. Sony and Samsung offer some of the most sophisticated LCDs on the market. LCD monitors have consist of several benefits like fantastically small and light, minimal power consumption, without geometric deformation, small or no flash depending on applied technology. Today these two brands have announced the many LCD monitors in the market and all are affiliated with the sophisticated and superior features. Fortunately now the LCD monitors are available in the affordable price range. LCD price in Delhi can be easily afforded by the many Indian consumers. Let's discuss the recent contemporary inventions done by these two popular LCD brands. Sony products are the always admired in the Indian market and endeavor to design the advanced LCD monitors by following the futuristic concepts. And recently added the some mind blowing and superior quality LCD monitor.

If you are planning to buy the Sony LCD then you have made a right decision. Look at the BRAVIA line of Sony LCD televisions. It is available in three different flavors such as 240 Hz, 120 Hz, and 60 Hz. These Sony LCDs offer the best quality pictures and surely double your entertainment by providing the amazing viewing experience. If someone need to enjoy the best picture while e watching a lot of action content, like sports, movies or even programming with moving text then go with this BRAVIA series. The Sony LCD price in Delhi is varying upon the model you choose.

Similarly Samsung has also announced many LCD TVs in India by following revolutionary concepts. Globally Samsung supplies around a quarter of large-sized LCD. Samsung is also the world's No.1 TV maker. Samsung LCD monitors come with latest technology. It counts as one of the first companies who bring the 3D vision technology to the market. If you are planning to go with the Samsung LCD monitors then I would like to suggest you the two topmost new Samsung monitors such as Samsung Sync Master B1930 (18.5") and B1630 (15.6").

The both Samsung LCD monitors are quite similar and differ only on the base of screen size. The major point to be noticeable in these LCD monitors is that they are evolved with the gloss-framed design. Although they are not as thin as they usually come. Plus they are extremely easy to set up and even in installation software. The Samsung LCD price in Delhi is affordable and reasonable that suits easily to the wallet.

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