The days of leather-bound Daredevil and X-men making jokes about donning yellow and blue are long gone. We can say goodbye to CGI costumes and the boring cliché of heroes only wearing clothes, thanks to the emerging trend of embracing even the oddest of super-suits. We've been thinking about previous design accomplishments since seeing the Red Guardian and Taskmaster in functional versions of their suits, but what are the most comic-accurate costumes we've seen on-screen to date? Nowadays we can see amazing Marvel costumes to star wars costumes. Let us know more about the greatest superhero costumes for kids.

  • Spider-Man from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

Nobody can deny that every one of us secretly wishes to be a Spiderman. The costume is fantastic! It would be weird if we declared that the most comic book authentic Spider-Man red and blues clothing has two reboots and more costume changes than you can throw a web-shooter at. This outfit foregoes the practical technology of Stark's Holland costume or Maquire's strange protruding webs and optics. Get it embroidered by a skilled tailor or buy it online to match the party costume design.

  • MCU's Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange may be remembered as one of Marvel's more paint-by-numbers films, unable to capture the actual otherworldly craziness of some of his comic book adventures in the cinematic medium. His yellow gloves were the only thing missing. Fortunately, the rest of his costume was a dead ringer, which was a gutsy choice given Marvel's fear of putting Hawkeye in his iconic purple tights. To get this proper look one can get a good satin cloak in the back with a locket of infinity stone which maybe your mother jewel. And a shining weaving cloth for your back looks to finish the attire. 

  • Gladiator Hulk in Thor Ragnarok

Planet Hulk is one of the most well-known and popular Hulk stories, in which the Hulk finds himself fighting in an alien gladiatorial arena. It's no surprise, then, that when it came time to give Thor an MCU rebirth by pairing him up with Green Goliath, aspects from that plot found their way into the film. This costume, which includes a helmet, war paint, and an armored sleeve that Hulk probably doesn't need, not only pays respect to the original but also renders it in all of its CG beauty. You may make this armor out of cardboard or plastic and paint it silver while using kohl to give it a face.

  • Batman:  Batman V Superman

Whatever your feelings regarding Batman V Superman or The Justice League, there's one thing that can be stated about Ben Affleck's portrayal of the caped crusader. While the color palette lacks a hint of blue, it does a fantastic job of making Batman appear more imposing than some of his battle armor and bat-nipple-clad colleagues, with some comic-book-style heft thrown in for good measure. It's all black, so make a good mask and dress appropriately.

Therefore these are the most famous superhero costumes which are loved by all the kids!

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