As hard as we try to be more efficient and productive at work, it’s often hard to adopt better time management practices without using special tools. Here’s our selection of the best time management apps that will help you boost your concentration, spend less time on routine activities, and be aware of how you’re using your time.

Paid time management apps

1. Focus booster: Focus@Will

The app uses neuroscience to improve concentration. It’s scientifically proven that specific types of sounds contribute focusing and productivity. Based on this knowledge, Focus@Will app has been developed. Its authors created a short algorithm for selecting the right music on the basis of personality type, and developed over 50 music channels that boost focus.


Exponential productivity growth
Access from anywhere
No need to store music collections on your device

Access from any platform to the cloud-based app
Native apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux

2. Time-tracker: actiTIME

When working on time management skills and habits, the crucial point is knowing where your time goes. A time-tracking and time management app like actiTIME can be of help here: with it, it’s easy to collect information on time expenses and then summarize the data. Detailed reports and colorful charts provide an overview of how you spend your time.


Available both on-premise and in the cloud
Exact data on how work time is used
Robust reporting module that provides valuable insights to regular users, managers and business owners


Cloud-based: access from any platform via web browser
On-premise: Windows, Unix
Mobile apps: iOS, Android

3. Weekly planner: WeekPlan

This planner app allows to create weekly schedules for teams and structure the tasks based on their priority. Workload prioritization is based on the Covey matrix, which means distinguishing between important and urgent tasks and making sure that important ones don’t get put off for an uncertain period. In WeekPlan, you can set up quarterly goals and structure your team’s tasks in accordance with them.

WeekPlan also provides a weekly view of planned and performed work – with high impact tasks (HITs) which are always visible – and helps track OKRs for your team.


Clear and visual weekly calendar
Smart prioritization
OKR tracking

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome extension

4. Priority planning app: 135List

Planning tasks for every day is sometimes challenging, especially when everything seems to be equally important. Many appreciate the 1-3-5 technique to get a finite number of things done: planning one big task, three medium ones, and five small ones per day helps avoid overload.

135List app is based on this technique and simplifies daily prioritization and planning. In it, you can create and easily manage your daily to-do lists. Its simplicity, combined with the science-backed approach, helps reclaim productivity and develop focus.


Simple and user-friendly app
Clear structure that encourages to get things done

Platform: Access from any platform to the cloud-based app

5. Personal assistant: Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant app for those who need an extra pair of hands. It works for both individual and business purposes: organizing an event, planning a business trip or preparing for a vacation is easier with an automated helper. It allows to save time and efforts spent on organization, research, purchases – and focus on more important and/ or pleasant things.


Delegating options for business and personal purposes
Requests by text, phone, text, email, or native apps
Recurring requests option


Access from any platform to the cloud-based app
Native apps for iOS and Android

6. To-do list: Clear

Create nice and clear to-do lists to avoid overlooking something important in your daily routine – this app is a great tool for that. The app helps unclutter your work process even if you have too many small tasks. With its multiple lists, you can sort your tasks by various areas: work, household, shopping etc.

Personalize your lists by selecting different color themes for them. Check what needs to get done soon in Today’s tasks view – this way you won’t miss out anything. Another helpful feature is iCloud sync: with it, it’s possible to access your task lists from anywhere.


Nice-looking to-do lists
Color codes
iCloud sync

Platform: iOS

7. Mind map app: MindMeister

Mind maps are an efficient way to organize ideas. Use this tool to create your mind maps, share them with friends or colleagues, and work on them together. Such collaboration features as chat, comments and voting help develop great ideas in less time.

The tool also allows to visualize your ideas and prepare presentations. MindMeister has a built-in presentation module that converts your mind maps into informative and colorful presentations within a second. This way, you can communicate your ideas to others in an easy and efficient way.


Structuring ideas, workflows, and raw data
Collaboration with colleagues, friends, and family members
Visual and informative presentations

Platform: Access from any platform to the cloud-based app

8. Data organizer: Evernote

Evernote is a tool that needs no introductions. If you’re not using it yet, consider adopting it. It provides a simple way to collect and organize all necessary information, helping you avoid wasting time on recalling what and where you’ve found and saved.


Saving all important information in one place
Access from everywhere
Easy sharing with others


Access from any platform to the cloud-based app
Native apps for Windows, Android, iOS

9. Email organizer: Yesware

We all know what a time-waster inbox is. Spam and constant distractions for checking it seem to be the worst enemies of focus and productivity. A mindful time management approach involves optimization of this part of work, and Yesware is one of the tools that offer solution to the inbox problem.

Yesware is a complex email management app that helps you schedule your communication, automate your emails by using templates, and manage follow-ups. If you’re a Salesforce user, you’ll also appreciate automatic sync of your emails, attachments and meetings with it.


Automating email communication
Creating better emails
Increasing efficiency of email campaigns

Platform: Windows, macOS

10. Meetings manager: Clara

Planning, scheduling and organizing events and meetings can be frustrating when done manually – but here’s where automation helps. Clara app is a scheduling tool designed for HRs and other employees whose work involves organizing and being present at meetings. It helps you schedule, coordinate, and send invitations to all involved parties. The app is a great way to stop wasting time on manual coordination by email and phone.


Easy scheduling and coordination
Hassle-free automated rescheduling
Ability to efficiently use email and calendar data

Platform: Access from any platform to the cloud-based app

Free time management apps

1. Email manager:

Junk emails can turn your work with inbox into a disaster – just because there are too many of them. And, needless to say, most of them are unwanted. An automated email manager will save your time and help you stay calm when you’re drowning in newsletters, subscriptions and social media notifications. is an inbox management service that automatically unsubscribes you from junk emails and organizes the subscriptions you want to receive into a daily digest. Read them hassle-free with your morning coffee, and don’t get distracted by another newsletter you don’t remember you ever subscribed to.


Unsubscribing from unwanted mailing lists in one click
Organizing useful subscriptions in one daily email
Intuitive categorization of subscriptions

Platform: Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud email clients

2. Get-things-done app: Nirvana

Nirvana is a task manager app that helps capture, organize, prioritize things, and get them done. The app allows to create lists, structure your to-dos, prioritize, and set up due dates. Nirvana helps you focus on the next actions, structure your time, and find time for everything you need and want to do. This simple and elegant to-do list app helps you reclaim calmness even in busy environments.


Clear and structured lists
Convenient for any type of activities
A hassle-free way to get things done


Access from any platform to the cloud-based app
Native apps for iOS and Android

3. Mind maps: Mind42

Mind42 is a free mind-mapping app that helps organize thoughts, learn new information, brainstorm ideas, structure data, etc. Mind maps created in the app can be private or publicly accessible – depending on the user’s preferences. Collaboration features include sharing mind maps with others, and working on them together.


Fast and reliable tool
Online access from everywhere
Easy visual structuring of ideas, thoughts, and collected information

Platform: Access from any platform to the cloud-based app

4. Habit tracker: DayDayHabit

DayDayHabit is one of the simplest habit tracker apps – it provides basic functionality to create lists of habits you’d like to develop, set up reminders, and track your success. Detailed graphs and statistic charts provide you with a clear overview of how your habits have been improved and where you are on your way to the long-term goals.


Simple functionality and clear interfaces
Detailed reports and charts
Reminders and alarms

Platform: iOS

5. Gamified productivity app: Forest

For those who struggle with distractions, gamified apps are one of the most efficient ways to regain focus and concentration. Plant a tree in Forest app whenever you want to focus, and the tree will grow while you stay focused. Build a forest where every single tree represents your focusing time, and build up your focusing habits. The app works for office employees, freelancers, students, and everyone who needs to reclaim focus.


A pleasant way to develop good time management habits
Works for everyone who wants to gain focus
Allows to share your results with friends

Platform: Android, iOS (paid), Chrome extension on desktop platforms

6. Habit developing app: Don’t Break The Chain

It’s easy to start a new activity, but being consistent is often a challenge. Instead of finding excuses for not studying, not developing healthy habits, not learning guitar etc., try using a habit developing app like Don’t Break the Chain! The app tracks your daily progress and motivates you to take actions toward your goal every day. Cross the days when you dedicate some time to your new skill or habit – and don’t break the chain!


Efficient and motivating technique
Visual progress tracking
Multiple chains and goals

Platform: iOS

7. Smart app launcher: Launchy

Do you find working with start menu and file managers tedious and time-consuming? If yes, try using a smart launcher for apps and files. Launchy is a cross-platform utility that helps you quickly start applications, open files and folders, and find necessary documents in the folder hierarchy on your computer. The app indexes programs in the start menu and helps you find and run them in just a few keystrokes.


A simple and efficient way to speed up your work with apps and files
Can be used on all popular desktop platforms

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

8. Task manager and focus booster: 30/30

Just having a list of tasks is usually not enough to get them done – but here’s where a combination of a task manager and a focus booster app can help! The idea of the 30/30 app is simple: you work 30 minutes on one single task, and do something different or just relax for another 30 minutes.

Time limit makes your brain focus and get the task done – that’s how this concept works. In this app, you can use the default 30/30 schedule, or set your custom time limits, from 1 minute to 1 hour – but don’t forget about the importance of regular breaks for your productivity and concentration.


Significant increase of focus, concentration, and productivity
Custom work/ pause intervals and task lists
A functional way to regain work/ life balance

Platform: iOS

9. Bookmarking app: Pocket

Do you consume a lot of information? If yes, you’ll definitely appreciate Pocket – the bookmarking app. When you find a useful or interesting content, just save it – and read later, when you have time. This way, you’ll avoid getting distracted, save time, and discover new content. Pocket is available for mobile devices, desktops, and browsers.


Keeping all useful content in one place
Saving time spent on searching and reading
Structuring collected information

Platforms: Windows Desktop & Mobile, macOS, iOS, Android, Blackberry

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Arina is a Marketing Manager for actiTIME, software helping thousands of companies track time and manage projects efficiently. She is passionate about providing tips and practical advice on digital marketing, productivity and time management.