Home appliances like dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, ovens, etc. are usually expensive. However, you can save a considerable amount of money if you know the best time of the year to buy them.

The best time to buy appliances is:

After a New Release

You can take advantage of that time to buy older home appliance models and get more value for your money.

Fourth of July

Department stores, electronics stores, and home improvement stores kick-start their sales at the beginning of July.

Memorial Day

The prices of appliances drop during Memorial Day. During this period, the appliance brand “Maytag” offers an annual rebate promotion and retailers offer further discounts on sales.

Labor Day

Labor Day falls in September, around the end of summer. Retailers offer seasonal promotions and closeout sales for home appliances.

Black Friday

Retailers will reduce the cost of home appliances on Black Friday that comes in November.

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