Rhodes Islands is among the largest islands in Greece and it is best to explore Rhodes island at your own pace as it is filled with a wide variety of attractions. The best way to do explore the island is by hiring a car as the driving distance from its most northern area (Rhodes Town) to the most southern point is about 92km or 108km based on the route that you choose.

Things to consider before you hire a car

Before you hire a car, it is best to know your travel plans, are you only going to Rhodes island just to lay down on a beach at the same spot during your entire vacation or you are planning to move around the island. If you want to stay at the same spot, there is no need to hire a car but if you intend to move around then you should hire a car.

Car hire or Taxi, which of it is a better choice?

This also depends on your travel plan and you will need to consider this on numerous occasions. This is because a taxi ride can cost you the same amount as a day hired car could or even more. If you are certain that you will make use of car just once, then it is best to make use of a taxi but if you are going to have more road time, you can hire a car. You can opt for car hire for just some time during your vacation and you should also make sure that you choose a car with a price to benefit ratio of your choices.

Early Car Booking

This is the most recommended way. Make your early car reservation and pick up your car in the Airport. Car Hire Rhodes Airport is the best solution to avoid delays. Your car will be ready for you and one representative of car rental company will wait for you in the Airport. Do not worry if your flight delays. They checked all flights online and they are going to wait you in time.  

Driving in Rhodes

Driving licenses

You will need to have an international driving permit before you can drive in Rhodes, you can also make use of a national license that are printed in English to get a car. As an EU resident, there is no need for special documents and the national driving license is okay. You can also contact your car hire company to learn more.

Driving side

In Rhodes island, you will drive on the right and then overtake on the left-hand side.

Speed limits

The top speed limit in Rhodes is 80km/hr on the two major highways which are Rhodes to Lindos and Rhodes to Kalithea. You can only drive for about 50km/hr in other built-up areas or provincial roads and all vehicles should not pass the 80km/hr speed limit.

Alcohol limits

The alcohol limit is 0.05% and 0.02% for drivers that have held a license for less than 2 years, professional and motorcycle drivers. It is best not to drink and drive especially in the summer months when the roads are filled with tourists and it is also a bad idea to drive under the influence of alcohol. You should also note that you are in a new place which can be quite warm that you are used to. This means having a glass of beer or wine can have quite a few effects on you than it normally does.

Driving age

18 years and you will need to be 21 years before you can arrange for car rental.


This is necessary and compulsory anywhere you are in the car at all times.

Mobile phones and GPS devices

You cannot make use of a mobile phone while driving no matter what, you can make use of GPS.

Fuel payment

Petrol stations accept cash and credit cards.

Traffic and parking rules in Rhodes

This can be quite tricky and it is quite hard to find an empty parking bay in Rhodes Town especially during the peak season months. The parking area of the island is indicated by a blue road sign with a white P on it while the parking spaces are marked with white or blue lines. As soon as you park your car, you will then buy a parking ticket from the automated machine nearby. It is best to park outside of the city as it is usually free of charge at most time. You cannot drive in the Old Town of Rhodes unless you are a resident.

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