Looking for the best URL shortener to shrink your site link, analyze clicks, add UTM tags, and/or help you use retargeting?

In this post, we’ve put together six great services for all the use cases. Of URL shortener services that are free for a business-focused premium plan, you will find a great choice in this list.

What URL shortener?
A URL shortener is an online tool that takes long URLs, bigger and stronger, and provides a short URL that sends users to the exact same spot. Some URL shorteners can also help you keep track of and manipulate the link, with features such as click analysis, support UTM parameters, and retargeting.

A URL shortener helps you make shorter, more aesthetic URL, as well as the benefits of their tracking and retargeting feature.

Best URL shortener services compared

T2M URL Shortener is a link management platform mainly built for Businesses, Universities & Survey Agencies. T2M is the best and affordable all-in-one platform for URL shortening & branded links management. Explore the most advanced features available in the market.

Bitly probably popular URL shorteners, because of its ease of use. This happens regularly on Twitter and allows you to use a specific custom domain for your company/brand and to keep track of your links.


One URL shorteners services beginning to appear on the internet. As Bitly, you can also customize your URL shortened only – if the customizations that you want are still available.

Google URL’s Shortener Tool
Another great one to use to shorten your URL. You can also add it to your Chrome toolbar and have quick access to it when needed.

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