You may have dreamed of this day all of your life and now that it is here you find that all of the things you want to have may cost far more than you can afford to pay. Do not despair you can still have your fairy tail wedding without giving up everything you wanted to make it special.

Get started by getting organized and wedding planner apps for mobile devices can help you to do this. These wedding apps can help you keep track of your wedding budget and they have itemized list that allow you to check things off as you acquire them. These wedding budget calculators can prove invaluable. Make your wish list with your partner, once you have it start to price the items on this list. Many of the items you may want can be purchased on sale.

The biggest portion of a wedding budget will go toward the wedding venues for the ceremony and reception, followed closely by catering and the cake. Choosing venues that will cost less to rent is one way to cut a huge chunk from the expenses. If you are a member of a church that could be one route to take. Many church’s charge their members less for the church and many today have halls where you can also hold your reception. Having the reception and wedding at the same venue will cut down on travel costs as well.

Using wedding planner apps and websites to find wedding vendors is a great idea since many who advertise on these sites offer discounts on their goods and services. Many brides-to-be have learned to utilize the most valuable resources they have. Family and friends ought not to be overlooked. Many have skills and know how that can save you big bucks. Decorating the hall or if you know someone who is a great cook it may be cheaper to let them cook for the event. With available software, you can have someone design unique placards, wedding invitations and wedding RSVP’s.

Save money on flowers by choosing those that are in season and using a local florist. The easier it is to obtain the wedding flowers the cheaper the floral arrangements will be. Using flowers that are grown locally is the key to success here. Another item that you can find at a great discount is the wedding dress. There are high quality resale shops that have designer wedding gowns at thousands off their original prices.

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Finally look at the day of the week that you want to get married. This is crucial if you are on tight budget. Choosing a day of the week when the venue is generally not busy is a great way to get an awesome discount. When places sit empty they loose money so they would rather give you a discount and make a little money than make nothing at all. To find more helpful tips on how to save money and have a beautiful wedding check out the wedding website and wedding app today. You will be amazed at what you will find there.