Planning a wedding is one of the most time consuming undertakings you will ever have. As they say the devil is in the details. In the past many brides had to have a different binder for every list, and when planning a wedding there will be lists and lists and more lists. These list will be changed hundreds of times and rewritten over and over again. You have to think about where to hold the wedding, who to use as a caterers and hundreds of other things. The reason wedding planners are successful is that they know the secret to planning any event is to be organized.

Big bride books, journals and ledgers numbering or more are not necessary parts of wedding planning today. With wedding planner apps and wedding planner websites you have access to all the tools that you need to organize your wedding plans and pull off the event of the century. One of the things these applications and websites do is to give you lists with all of the headings so you know right away what you need when planning a wedding.

What makes the top wedding planners so great is their ability to delegate to their staff tasks that help the entire project come together. No one person alone could ever hope accomplish everything by themselves. If you planning to organize your won wedding having enough willing, responsible and talented helpers is a must. You will be booking dates, ordering the wedding cakes, finding the right caterer, choosing and ordering wedding invitations, collecting RSVP’s and much, much more.

This brings us to the one thing that is a must to organizing a wedding and that is communication. With wedding planner apps and wedding planner websites communication is made easier. Each member of the wedding planning party can input their information and have it instantly viewed by the others. With the wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, they can text or talk at anytime, look up directions to wedding venues and vendors and always be aware of what needs to be done next.

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While there is no right or wrong timetable for planning a wedding for the best results it is generally suggested to take at least 6-12 months to actually give yourself breathing room. With a 12 month plan the first 3 months should be devoted to finding your venue and booking your date. This may sound a bit much but wedding venues that are popular may have a wait list or even worse another bride that wants the same date. The sooner you get your venue booked the easier the planning will be. From the 9th month onward you and your chosen helpers will be busy as you choose wedding dresses, bridesmaids and their dresses, wedding themes and colors and so much more. Finding all of the organizational tools and wedding vendors in one place is the best way to organize your wedding occasion. Check out iwedplanner wedding app and wedding website for more tips about organizing your plans today.