Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by depression, periods of lower mood as well as mania, periods of heightened mood. The word BIPOLAR means two extremes. There are millions of people who are experiencing it. For them, life is split between two different realities –mania and depression. There are many variations of bipolar disorder. The most common of two are – type 1 that has extreme highs alongside the lows while type 2 involves briefer, less extreme periods of mania interspersed with long periods of depression.

Type 1 can make a person range from feeling irritable to invincible. But these euphoric episodes exceed ordinary feelings of joy, causing troubling symptoms like racing thoughts, sleeplessness, rapid speech, impulsive actions, and risky behaviors. Without treatment, these episodes become more frequent, intense, and take longer to subside. The depressed phase of bipolar disorder manifests in many ways – a low mood, dwindling interest in hobbies, changes in appetite, feeling worthless or excessively guilty, sleeping either too much or too less, restlessness or slowness, and many. The most dangerous.

symptom of extreme bipolar disorder is persistent thoughts of suicide. Worldwide, about one to three percent of adults experience a broad range of symptoms that indicates bipolar disorder. For someone seesawing between emotional states, it can feel impossible to find the balance necessary to lead a healthy life. As the symptoms of bipolar disorder are common with other diseases, it is very difficult to identify the disease. Only professional psychiatric can help in proper diagnosis and treatment. As many people are not well known about the disease, finding the right treatment is the toughest job. Fortunately, some people are taking initiative to make the process easy.

Dr.mental is an online site to solve this problem. Drmental is a portal that helps a person choose an online platform for therapy, counseling, diagnosis, and treatment for any mental disease or disorder. This organization helps people with mental disorders by providing a platform where we can select what is good for us. Drmental lessens the trouble of a patient by providing the correct source of treatment.

If any person is suffering from any symptoms described below, must consult with professionals. People suffering from it may have these signs –

Mood swings from intense highs to extreme lows are one of the biggest signs of bipolar disorder. In bipolar disorder,the mood swings are frequent and interfere with sleep and daily activity.

Cycles of depression can be a cause of the bipolar disorder. Symptoms of a depressive episode may include a strong feeling of guilt or worthlessness, disinterest in previously enjoyed activities, and even thoughts of suicide.

Risky behaviors are very common with bipolar disorder, especially during manic episodes. A person can invest all his money in a risky business venture or they might behave recklessly.

Grandiosity or feeling of importance means an exaggerated sense of one’s greatness, importance, or ability. It is felt during manic episodes. Other important causes are talking faster than normal, difficulty in concentrating, extreme irritability or agitation, irregular sleep, changes in appetite.

For people who have any of the symptoms or any other mental health condition, we highly advise seeking help from a qualified mental health professional. Finding a proper way is the appropriate site. we all should be more aware of our mental health.

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