When I started trading cryptocurrencies, a friend advised me to switch to using trading robots — that they could help me get more profits. I had been making a lot of losses, so this was a piece of advice worth giving a second thought. So I quickly looked for one online and funded my account to see if things could change. Guess what? Things changed, indeed, but to worse. I didn't know that I was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

This is the time that I started seeing sense in doing in-depth research before using any trading robot. So you must be brilliant to decide on reading this review before you proceed. Viva! This review carefully looks into a lot of things in an attempt to evaluate the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Era. Let's get started then.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a robot made to help you trade in bitcoins without having to worry about how the complicated process works. It is marketed as an accurate, free, easy-to-use, and time-saving robot that helps both amateur traders and experts to make profits quickly.

Who Is It For?

I created an account on the platform to evaluate the ease of its use to different people. Then, I used the demo trading mode for the analysis. I confirmed that anyone who is able to follow simple guidelines could navigate it. This conforms to the way the robot is marketed — that anyone, even the most recent amateur, can use it to make cash. So the Bitcoin Era App is for everyone, regardless of whether they are new to the business or not.

How Does It Work?

In terms of how the system operates, it is reported that Bitcoin Era uses one of the world's most advanced programming. The program is said to go ahead of all other algorithms by 0.01 seconds, in identifying and executing profitable trades.

All you have to do to be a trader on the platform is;

√ Register: You have to provide your details to create a personal account. Your name, email address, country of residence, and password are some of the details to be filled while registering.

√ Deposit: For the software to start making profits for you, you must have a stake. The minimum required by the software is $250.

√ Trade: This is the nitty-gritty — the software's time to take over the trading process. It involves the software finding the best trading opportunities, and actively placing corresponding trades.

How Much Does It Cost?

At the beginning of this review, I said that the software is marketed as a free one, and I can confirm that the claim is valid. You get to register on the platform for free. However, you have to add Funds to your account to start trading, and that is rational. The minimum amount to be added is $250, and you can make profits of up to $1,000 in a single day!

Why Should I Use It?

You have very many reasons to resort to this robot for a profitable bitcoin business. Some of them are:

1. It is compatible with both mobile phones and computer browsers.

2. Withdrawal from the platform is easy, fast, and unrestricted.

3. The interface is straightforward to navigate.

4. The software is very accurate, delivering profit rates at 99.4%

5. We tested the quality of customer care and found out that the responsiveness is excellent.

The Bottom Line

After doing thorough research on this trading robot, I can conclude that it is one of the best that you can use to get money from the cryptocurrency market. Its accuracy is high, with excellent customer service and an easy-to-navigate platform. Bitcoin Era is made for anyone who wishes to do profitable business in the cryptocurrency market. My verdict is that I endorse it to you — my readers.

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