Generating blog traffic by guest posting on the blogs of others has long been an accepted and effective way to attract people to your own site! Changes in how Google now views this practice however has led many bloggers to no longer accept offers for guest posting on their sites! This has now left many scrambling to find 'new' way to attract people to their own blogs!

Let's explore 5 tried and true ways to get visitors to your site when blogging that allows you to focus exclusively on building and developing your own blog!


The very 'backbone' of any blogging site is the content found within and this is something that demands the majority of your attention! It makes little sense to spend the time and effort to develop great content only to post it on a blog other than your own! The best way to attract people to your platform is by having available for them plenty of interesting content to read, so focus more on this important aspect to get more visitors to your site!

Go Against the Grain

When posting updates to your platform you always want to maintain some type of relevancy to the theme of your site! The best type of content is the type that creates a buzz compelling visitors to your site to 'share' your update with others! When you take an existing issue or topic and put a 'spin' on it that goes counter to popular opinion but is backed up with sound reasoning, you will get people talking! This type of viral effect is the absolute best way to attract people to your site without you having to invest any additional effort!

Bio Page

Many bloggers tend to overlook the importance their about or bio page plays in luring people back to their site! It stands to reason that if visitors to your site have an interest in reading your updates that they would also want to know more about the author as well! Share with readers 'why' you blog and why you may be particularly qualified to do so on the topic you've chosen! Adding a little insight into your personal life also helps people to better relate to you as a person but keep it brief!

Connect with Leaders

Making use of social media is all well and good to attract people to your platform but by connecting with the 'right' folks you can make this strategy more effective! Identify and locate thought leaders within your niche and connect with them so that when they share your information, you know many will view it! In so many words you are placing yourself right in front of traffic as opposed to chasing after it!


Be seen and heard to build curiosity and traffic to your platform! This is why guest posting has been so popular in the past because you're placing your content on another blog in hopes that people will follow the link back to your site! Well guest posting is NOT the only way to build traffic! Using press releases, article submissions and even leaving links at forums can attract people so get busy, you have traffic to generate!

Getting blog traffic by guest posting on other blogs is NOT as widely accepted as it once was due to quasi-recent changes at Google! This has left many bloggers looking for new ways to attract people to their own blogging platforms as a result! The 5 strategies offered above are NOT new but are still reliable ways to get visitors to your site WITHOUT investing the effort to develop 'kick-ass' content for blogs other than your own! Let's face it, blogging takes time, patience and effort so doesn't it make more sense to invest these resources DIRECTLY into your own blog?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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