As any professional writer knows, it can take hours to create unique engaging articles, blogs or website content.

It can happen that the words simply do not flow properly on the page or the subject matter is too difficult and may require further research. These things take a considerable amount of time and patience.

Once the article is written, there is always some minor editing to be done, such as; adding graphics and videos to make the blog or article more attractive to readers.

Locating the right photo can sometimes be an excruciating task. The photograph might need to be modified to fit the image size of the particular blog that you are working on. If you are lucky enough to have a program you can do it yourself, realistically modifications to photos are done by graphic artists who get paid tons of money to do so.

There is no standard size for blog images. I have found that the best size for most WordPress themes seems to be 652px by 290px.

With experience, most bloggers will become faster at writing and editing blogs. They will learn tips and tricks of the trade that will allow them to create, edit and beautify blogs in about an hour. It has been my experience that the bare minimum to create a well written 400 word blog, is about an hour in a best case scenario situation.

Writers are not robots and it is difficult for even the most seasoned writer, to write under that much pressure.

If writers want to make a lot of money, blog creation time is of the essence. A well groomed and experienced professional blogger can create about 5 to 6 blogs on a daily basis. This roughly amounts to about 25-30 blogs per week. That is if he/she only creates blogs and does no other work.

Companies need to realize that if they want a well written unique article or blog with all the trimmings, then need to allow some reasonable time for a writer to create it. A good two hours per blog should suffice. Do not expect your writer to write more than three blogs per day because he/she will most likely run out of things to write about.

I myself produce unique well written content on a daily basis. I have tried to cut corners, tried to write more than three blogs per day, learn new tricks, keep up to date with new industry standards and almost pulled my own hair out trying to keep up with these so called "article wizards." These article wizards can apparently pop tons of articles out of a proverbial magic black hat.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I just cannot compete with these article marketing tactics. Frankly, I do not want to compete because the only way they can do this is through black hat marketing tactics, in my opinion. These black hat tactics are software based systems that attempt to steal and simply generate re-spun junk articles to fill in website content. They are not valuable to anyone,they create a nuisance and worse they can get your IP banned. Small business owners need to know that these article content tactics are considered illegal practices by the SERPS. (Search engine ranking pages i.e Google)

Writing is my passion, my gift and I have come to accept the reality that I can only do so much in one day and I have to be happy with the outcome.

I hope you will too. If you are a writer - accept what you do each day, you do what you do because your are a gifted writer, you write the best articles that you can for your clients and you can only write what your heart is telling you. You cannot write like a robot and no one expects you to.

Business owners need to know the facts. The facts are; you are being mislead by SEO marketers who are simply trying to sell you content that is not unique and is not acceptable as far as the SERPs are concerned.

No real writer should ever undermine the art of writing by plagiarist practices such as article spinning or copyright violations just to get working contracts. There is legitimate work out there, you just need to find the right companies who will pay you what your worth.

How much will it cost a company who uses black hat techniques when Goggle realizes they have plagiarist content on a website? A lot more than it will cost them to pay you what your true value is. Be confident and explain this to your potential clients. I used to think that I should take less than I was worth just to get a job.

I no longer accept this because writing is an art that takes a lot of time, patience and an understanding of how SEO is used to formulate web content. I am not just writing, I am creating traffic and marketing.

A writer should be paid between fifteen to thirty dollars an hour. You can negotiate this but do not undersell yourself when doing so.

Anyone can be a blog writer, not everyone can be a professional blogger or content writer just like everyone can do SEO and social media, but not everyone can write good SEO or create awesome fan pages.

Many companies are getting misinformed by marketers who would have you believe that they have people who write thousands of articles a day for less than two dollars an hour. Do the math, this is not possible and likely you will get what you paid for. Spun articles have zero value and can literally get your removed off the search engines.

Would you risk your business to save money? You likely did not get this far in business listening to others, why start now? If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is and paying anyone less than minimum wage usually equals substandard work. Think about it!

Author's Bio: 

My passion for writing began as a hobby, but has now developed into a successful online business. Two years ago, I decided to start my own free lance business, the result of that effort.

They say, “An image is worth a thousand customers” and for SEO-socialmedia this means creating blogs, articles, SEO and Social Media Marketing without the use of any Black Hat tactics. It is our belief that you cannot cut corners when it comes to effective branding, social media and SEO techniques. We use only white hat SEO techniques, they may take longer to achieve, but they produce more effective long lasting results.

I believe that when I write, I create my own voice and it is that magical moment when I find that voice, the writing begins. That gives me an idea……….I have to go write, see you soon!