By Device - A novel way to produce a blog used a Wearable Wireless Webcam. In this way, text, video, and pictures could be incorporated into an online diary. Live data was transmitted to a website using a computer, which could be easily worn, together with an EyeTap device. This is a device that is worn in front of the eye. It performs in much the same way as a camera in that it records the scene whilst, at the same time, superimposing a computer generated image on the original scene. This is the basis of an eye tap.
Sousveillance is an application which is capable of producing semi-automated blogging/ live video and text. The data produced in this way has been used as evidence in legal matters.


The Blogosphere
The accumulation of all the blogs on the internet is called the blogosphere. Since, by its very nature, a blog is established on the internet, then it may be regarded as a social network with the blogs themselves seen as interconnected. In fact, the media has used communication within the blogosphere as a means of measuring public opinion on various matters of the day. Finally, a bloghood is the name ascribed to a number of local blogs.

Blog Search Engines
There are a number of search engines that are used to search the contents of blogs. These include Bloglines (which is a web-based collector of news items used to read syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom formats), BlogScope (it is a specialised search engine with advanced analysis and visualisation technology), and Technorati (it is the leading Internet search engine for searching blogs). Technorati offers up-to-the-minute information on popular blogs as well as tags, also known as keywords, which are used to assign a category to blog postings.

Blog Communities
An online community, also known as a virtual community, is a collection of people who interact by various forms of communication media rather than the normal method of face to face. These include newsletters, telephone, email, the internet, social network service (which forms a basis for creating online communities who share interests and activities) or instant messages for social, professional, educational or other purposes. If the means of communication is a computer network, then it is designated an online community. Many forms of social software are used, such as text-based chatrooms and forums which use voice, video text or avatars (which is how a computer user wishes to present himself, such as a two-dimensional picture as used on Internet forums and other such communities).
There are a number of such online communities which specialise in connecting people to blogs and even connecting bloggers to other bloggers. Good examples include BlogCatalogue and MyBlogLog.
In particular, MyBlogLog, which acts as a social network for the blogging community in which members install a widget on their blog. By incorporating these widgets on their sites, bloggers will be able to determine which MyBlogLog online members had visited their blog post. These widgets incorporate links to other members' community pages, and serve to connect users with each other. Members receive information about how many people visit their blog, the links that were clicked and where these visitors came from.

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