“A real estate investment brings significant returns which helps in generating regular income over a long period”.

If you have decided to invest in a real estate, you can do that through buying a property, but before you decide, make sure you do a proper research and analysis about the property market. To derive maximum rewards discuss with a proficient law real estate lawyer who will be able to direct you better as to which agent you should deal with.

In India, real estate is a booming industry that requires taking a calculated step to ensure that you are making a safe and beneficial decision. Everyone wants to upgrade and branch out his or her investment portfolio.This is where real estate investment can be very profiting for you.

With so many benefits in this investment, let us discuss why it can be a wise decision for you:

Stable earnings

If you are purchasing a property and controlling it too, you will be able to enjoy a stable and dependable source of returns as compared to investing in stocks. These stable income can be used for future expenses, retirement or dealing with any kind of serious issue that can occur anytime in life. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose a certified real estate company for investing.

An economic savings

The major advantage of real estate investment is having fiscal safety for the rest of your life. Property brings a surge in earnings which can be very rewarding for the future. A property appreciation in value always increases over time thus bringing a sense of security.

How much value of the property will increase depends upon the locality you chose, so before making your purchase it is always advisable to investigate well on the home location and neighbourhood.

Tax Advantages

Another advantage of investing in property is tax exclusion that you can get from having a property. Like an employment tax is not applicable on income generated from the property.

Government offers many exemptions on property insurance, maintenance, any kind of repairs and property taxes. Also in India, investors can enjoy low tax rates if they invest in long term real estate projects.

Mortgage payments are covered

If you put your house on rent, even then you will be able to get benefit from investment from your tenant. You can save the rent paid by the tenant every month for future expenses or for covering mortgage payments.

Therefore, it is very crucial to choose the right leaseholder and keep them happy to avoid any kind of aftermath of keeping your property vacant.

Fudge against price rises

Investment in real estate can be very beneficial as the value and rent of the property increases with any kind of inflation in the market. This is where a real estate works as a hedge against inflation.


If you have borrowed finance for investing in real estate then you will be required to pay the amount back with interest. However, you need to understand that these payments are an investment that you are making towards the property. As you complete one set of payment you are going close to paying the principal payment. Therefore, you are balancing equity and wealth in property.

Real Estate Appreciation

Real estate is not short term investments since the value of the property will be more years later instead of the value it holds today.

Summing up

Real estate investment is like generating your income by becoming your own boss. However, while investing make sure that you buy from a real estate company that provides a well-maintained roof. Real estate can be a lucrative for investors but with ATS Casa Espana and ATS Pristine Phase II, a part of a blooming company based in Noida, you can be assured of successful investing. While investing under this brand you can reap long-term benefits and rewards.

So for your family’s financial future security choose ATS greens for your real estate investments.

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