Self-Esteem is a mental and emotional state of mind that responds to an individual’s need for self-acceptance and recognition. It is among the oldest and most discussed concepts in psychology. It describes a positive but nonetheless adequate perception of oneself and one’s abilities. As such, people with self confidence most often have a better idea of the things they are able to achieve and are more apt to succeed in what they attempt. They are also more likely to admit and learn from their errors.
By contrast, a lack of confidence may prevent you from trusting that what you do and decide will eventually work out the way you had intended.
It can thus prevent the improvement of decision-making aptitudes, strategic and managerial abilities all of which are basic and indispensable skills in the business world of today. The preoccupation with other people’s judgment of your work might also make you become excessively self-critical, which is something that will distract you from tasks you would have otherwise been perfectly capable of doing.
Here at Portland Hypnosis for Confidence, we say that low self esteem will also have an impact your social life, because people with a low level of self confidence tend to stay in their “comfort zone” and are afraid of being rejected. This is called social phobia and is commonly associated with low self confidence, but also other mental conditions such as depression. People with low self confidence are scared of the judgment of others and will avoid meeting new people, which can in turn lead to isolation and even less self confidence. Low self confidence is a vicious cycle that’s difficult to break, as shown here at Portland Hypnotherapy for Success.

On the other hand, because they have faith in their own abilities, people with self confidence are able to do what they feel is appropriate and don’t expect the approval of their peers. They are also able to trigger confidence: your relatives, friends, boss, customers or employees are more likely to trust you or the things you are saying when you appear self-confident.
The program the self esteem hypnosis of Portland has, shows that various experiences can contribute to low self confidence. Recent research proves that parenting style has a critical effect on the development of a child’s self confidence. Physical and emotional abuses during childhood are for example the worse for somebody’s self confidence, along with divorce and family conflicts.
Overprotective parents may also be a reason for a child’s social phobia and discourage the independence necessary to develop self confidence. Successes and failures, for example at school or in one’s professional life, also play a major role: losing a job or failing a class are some of the different experiences that will have a negative impact your self confidence.
There are however methods to overcome those bad experiences and acquire self confidence. The first step to develop self confidence is to learn to know yourself and what your strengths are. Acknowledging the fact that you cannot be perfect and cannot be the best in everything you do will help you build self confidence. Accepting who you are is the key to building self confidence. But improving self confidence also requires that you start taking risks and giving yourself credit for your accomplishments. This is very basic advice which will help you build self confidence. You may also find a lot of books which will tell you how to gain self confidence, however many of them are not reliable.
Many people suffer from low self confidence or are only able to gain self confidence in one or a certain number of areas of their lives because they constantly try to get other people’s approval and are scared that they could fail. A lot of factors, such as childhood traumas, can explain why certain people are not able to have the wholesome life of a self confident individual. Those people also do not always know how to gain self confidence. But improving self confidence can now easily and effectively be done with hypnosis and NLP.

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Her published work includes a book " The History of Organized Crime in America". She has also written several fairy tales, one of which- "The Violet and the Butterfly" won the third prize in the European contest "Hans Christian Andersen's Bay of the Fairy Tales", and was translated into Swedish and Italian. Currently she writes about subjects such as Hypnosis, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Subconscious Beliefs, the Law of Attraction, Energy Medicine, Cellular Memories, Dream Work and Interpretation.