At the former Ministry of Defence site in Wellbank in Bootle, plans are underway for a hotel, leisure facility, eco-homes and an anaerobic digester. An anaerobic digester would be in place to allow the community to generate energy. It would do this by gathering energy released when local farmers contribute slurry, which then begins its breakdown process.

Surprisingly the project has gained the backing of the Lake District National Park along with the Copeland borough council. Plans were outlined at the beginning of 2011 and the development will see the first five star hotel in West Cumbria which in turn will bring vital jobs to the area.

The scheme is aiming to meet the coalition Government’s drive for sustainable communities and would see itself creating a “big society”. It is being put together by a yet unnamed community group and they are looking to secure funding needed to buy the site. The unnamed community group has the backing of overwhelming public support too. The local residents will get the opportunity to view the plans at the end of the month where they will be able to give their views too.

Trudy Harrison is the locality officer for Copeland Borough Council who is also part of the group working on the project. She explained that the letters of support that the group had received was fantastic and feels that the scheme is the perfect example of what the government wants in regards to social enterprise. Current proposals designed by Green Design Group offer homes and local occupancy homes for rent and purchase. Some could also be a shared equity deal.

The top Cumbrian architect Alan Dawson has admired the project the project and the public support has been impressive. Obviously the first stage in getting the development underway is to secure the site but with such backing from the Lake District National Park, the local council, top architects and public support, it looks as though the scheme may well come into fruition.

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