Brainwave entrainment is defined as the process of introducing a change in the brainwave patterns in such a way that a better and more desirable state of mind is achieved.

Brainwave entrainment is done in such a manner that individuals are able to cope up with brain related problems like strain, tension, fatigue or mental illness. Previously, brainwave entrainment was possible through trying rigorous sessions of yoga that achieved the same thing. Now it’s medically possible and is the way of the future. People having problems with their mind can refer to brainwave entrainment as a possible solution to their problems.

Brainwave Patterns Used in Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave patterns are divided into 4 broad categories, and they are the Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves, & Delta waves. Accordingly, each frequency has its own use and effects, and if they are lacking or get in excess, then they can produce side effects like paranoia, emotional instability, or high blood pressure, just like Beta waves.

While studying the different frequencies of the brainwaves we came to know about one of the reasons for ageing. When the subject is at the delta level, the pituitary gland releases a hormone that inhibits aging and promotes brain and body growth. However, if the person fails to reach the delta level then the hormone would not be released and the individual would suffer disease and illness as well.

The alpha & theta waves concern themselves with the overall creativity and aptitude of an individual, and the lack of them can make a person dull and unimaginative. The way to alter brainwaves is through aural and visual methods, and if we take a peep into history, the most popular forms have been binaural beats. This technique involves sounding a different pulse or beat in either ear of the person, and that creates a pulse. But the catch is that the beat which a person hears arises as a difference between hertz of each frequency. For instance, if you give a frequency of 10 Hz on one ear and a frequency of 40 Hz on the other ear, the person will decipher a frequency of 30 Hz. Using this method, an individual can be trained.

Advances in Brainwave Entrainment Technology

There are other advances in the technology as well, and those are alterations to the original beat set in the binaural beats, and popular inclusions include monaural and isochronic beats. As a matter of fact, people have shown better response to isochronic beats as opposed to the binaural beats. People also purchase CDs that specialize in this sort of a sound and they can practice for hours on end. These are effective methods to ensure that the mind stays in a healthy state and that gives rise to healthy states throughout the body as well, bringing relief to the person emotionally, mentally and physically.

Brainwave Entrainment Applications Now and Future

To conclude, brain entrainment has proved to be extremely useful for people across the world in combating their problems related to the mind and brain. Teams of scientists, physiologists and even common doctors have taken on the bandwagon and studied on the promises that brainwave entrainment has. Moreover, it is now used in academic & sports setting too, like training athletes to have the right state of mind so that they don’t falter even in the most demanding situations. Other applications follow suit, and it’s just an indication that brainwave entrainment is possibly the future of mind treatments.

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