Intense pain in your breast, along with some tenderness, may make you wonder if it could be something severe. A breast lump or irregularity is often the first thing women notice that spurs a visit to the breast cancer doctor in Pune or elsewhere across cities.

With the increasing incidence of breast cancer, early detection remains to be a crucial strategy to counter this disease. Self-breast examinations, regular check-ups and screenings can lead to timely intervention and therefore significantly increase the survival rate.

Pain caused by breast cancer usually comes from one of two sources:

The tumour in the breast: Tumor that is closer to the solid breast tissue is known to cause pain. This can be an important sign to go get yourself checked. For ladies with inflammatory breast cancer, pain or tenderness is often one of the principal indications. The disease, when it gains its aggressive nature may cause reddening and dimpling of the skin over the breast.

A rare type of breast cancer is called Paget's infection of the nipple. It can cause pain and can be an early side effect, alongside irritation of the nipple.

A new and persevering distress in the breast might be of concern and should not be ignored/ and should be brought to the notice of your treating clinician. This is particularly valid if the pain is getting worse without any clear evidence.

Spread of cancer to other parts of the body: Pain caused by cancer is more common in people who have a metastatic (or advanced) disease, in which the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, leaving its primary site.

For example, if cancer spreads to the bones/invades the bone, it can cause pain in the hip, back or other bones. Cancer spreading to the brain may cause headaches. Severe back pain with leg weakness might be from cancerous growth that has spread to the vertebrae of the spine and cripples the spinal section, which is known as spinal cord compression.

If the disease spreads to the adrenal glands on top of the kidneys, you may feel dull back pain. You could have pain in the upper right part of the abdomen if it spreads to the liver.

According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. You should approach a clinician in case of any physical abnormality or signs observed. Talking to your clinician can resolve all of your doubts rather than assuming the worst by yourself. Regular check-ups as recommended by the doctor can help you catch the cancer at an early stage.

Visiting a breast cancer specialist in Pune or any city you are settled in is extremely important to address the problems.

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