(Pompano Beach, FL – November 2010) Breathing – it’s something that all of us do thousands of times a day, and millions upon millions of times during our lives, yet most of us take it for granted. The truth is that our breathing has a profound effect on many aspects of our health, including weight loss. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television presented breathing experts Al Lee and Pam Grout show how to lose weight by exercising your lungs with Breathslim.

That’s right – Lee and Grout both claim that 10-20 minutes per day of breathing exercises can safely and effectively help speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to oxidize fat. They recommend viewers use Breathslim, an inexpensive weight-loss device that exercises the lungs and increases the amount of oxygen the body can absorb.

“The average person utilizes only a fraction of the oxygen they inhale,” Grout says. “Increased oxygen in the bloodstream means more efficient fat burning, more energy, and even better sleeping habits. The Balancing Act is a great opportunity to demonstrate this revolutionary technology and show how it can be used to drastically change your life.”

Breathslim is a long-term weight loss solution, unlike crash diets and potentially dangerous medications. It is also completely free from side effects and safe for use by obese people who are physically unable to engage in strenuous exercise.

“Having Al Lee and Pam Grout on ‘The Balancing Act’ has brought yet another great solution to women, one that will have a real impact, and help them balance their lives. This is the essence of solutions-based programming, and we are proud that we could bring this innovative technology to our viewers” says Doug Campbell, Founder and Executive VP of Programming for The Balancing Act.

To learn more about the Breathslim weight-loss device, go to www.breathslim.com.

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