British Columbia has issued invites to candidates who are eligible as per two of its programs, including the Skills Immigration stream. The Province of British Columbia also selects candidates from the Express Entry pool. 274 candidates were selected in this draw. The Skills Immigration stream has three substreams which work as follows:

Skilled worker: It is important to have a job offer of permanent duration in British Columbia. This job could be in the different codes of NOC A, B or 0.

The candidate must have work experience of 2 years also.

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International Graduate

You must have been chosen in a job offer of permanent duration. Apart from that, you must be having a good post-secondary qualification from a Canadian college or university in the previous 3 years.

Apart from this condition, the rest of the conditions are the same as the Skilled worker program.

Entry level and semi-skilled

This stream is for the workers who have experience in professions such as hospitality, truck driving, and food processing. Candidates who have been working in any of these profiles for a specific British Columbia employer for the previous 9 months are eligible for this scheme. They should also have a job offer from the same employer of permanent duration in British Columbia in any one of these specific profiles. The candidate must have legal residence in Canada at the time of applying for this stream.

Express entry-skilled worker

Since the candidates as per these two streams are selected from Express Entry, application to Express Entry is necessary. The following conditions are also important:

The candidate must have a job offer of permanent duration.
He should work experience of two years in the same profile
He should also have good English levels at CLB 7.

The name of this stream is Express Entry-British Columbia Skilled Worker stream.

Express entry British Columbia-international graduate

Another stream is Express Entry-International Graduate stream. It has the same conditions as the Express Entry-skilled Worker stream, however, it also requires the candidate to have an education from the Canadian university or college in the last 3 years.

How’s life in British Columbia?

British Columbia is home to cities such as Vancouver. This city is one of the best cities in the world for residence. This city has the largest population in British Columbia. Vancouver is also considered as the city with the warmest temperatures in Canada. Snowfall only happens here 9 days a year, so it's pretty much easy to live here.

Victoria is another popular city in British Columbia with a population of 80,000. Victoria has a lot of parklands. You can reach Victoria from Vancouver because there is a distance of 100 km between the two cities. You can get jobs in the technology sector in Victoria as it has a growing technology sector.

As per the 2016 census of Canada, Victoria has south Asian as well as the Chinese population. The number of South Asians living here in the 2016 census was 1,750 which constituted 2.1% of the population. You can get consultation from Nile Migration about immigrating to British Columbia.

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