Today, you get a special marketing message from the insights of Ted Ciuba as a direct response marketer.

What does that mean? Basically, it means that I put the message out to the masses as much as I can—I want everybody to know what's happening. And then, those who respond I work with more deeply. I invest my time, money, emotions, and efforts with them.

It's the active utilization of the 80/20 rule. I already know when I wake up that 80% of the people I come into contact with aren't really going to have any interest in my message. And that lack of interest could range all the way from, "I'm too busy, I'm too preoccupied," to "I think what you're doing is demonic." It could literally go from one extreme to the other.

Okay, so here's what I don't want to do. I don't want to beat myself up trying to convince the inconvincible. No, no, there is nothing demonic about HoloMagic and the message in The NEW Think and Grow Rich. The idea that someone could say this is demonic is so contrary to reality that it's laughable.

But they can and they do. It's a free country. Certainly nobody likes rejection—but I couldn't convince them no matter what I did. Why waste my time, effort, and energy, and get sucked down into negative screw-up energy that could cause me to doubt myself? That's why I'm suggesting you navigate your life in the same way.

Put out advertising. Let everybody know what you're about. Broadcast to the many. Only the few are called. Then, when we get together, we are happy, positive, motivated. We can do silly things like close our eyes and go "aaauummm," and do that three or four times and sit and wait for an inspiration—i.e., how you trigger HoloMagic, per chapter 13 of The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

This is a principle that will save you a lot of grief. Working with the 20% of the people who responded positively to the message, who want the message. Believe me, I've got way more than 100% of the time of my life that I can devote to that. That's what I want. You see, I don't want to go out there and fight. Do you?

And think about this. Even as you and I sit and communicate, there are so many different thoughts out there, so many different preferences out there. You and I would probably not feel comfortable with bikers in a Harley bar. Well, I know I wouldn't. But for some people, that's the only place they do feel comfortable.

I'm not going to go out and try and save the soul of a Harley biker. However, those who are motivated and ambitious, those who really want to contribute to the world, those who are really interested in making the most money possible, those who are really interested in doing the very best they can for their children—these are the people I talk to.

Those who are really interested in helping their community, those who are really interested in being a good parent, those who are really interested in building a good life that contributes to society so they make a lot of money, those who are really interested in increasing their sales and profits—these are the people I talk to.

That's 100% good for me. While I don't see 80% of the people, I've got 100% of my satisfaction, and my contribution, in the 20% that I do. And that's the kind of set up I'd recommend that you put in place in your life and business also.

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Ted Ciuba, a leader in both the marketing & human potential fields, helps entrepreneurs, salespersons, & small-medium-sized businesses discover & adapt their mindset to success, increasing incomes, multiplying profits, reducing stress, liberating joy. Get the inside scoop on how you can benefit from his insights and practices