A city in Southern Tier of New York in United States, Binghamton is not only a fast developing city but is also well known for the Broome Development Center there. The center is regulated under the Broome Developmental Disabilities Services Office in Glenwood Road, Binghamton, New York.

DDSO Description

Broome DDSO is one of the units in New York State office that works for the people with developmental disabilities. Methodology adopted by the service is –‘
It offers a variety of services.
It works in partnership with local governments as well as the nonprofit voluntary organizations.
People of all ages with developmental disabilities are covered under the services.
Services are provided in Broome, Otsego, Delaware, Chenango, Tioga, and Tompkins Counties.

Development Disability Features

A term used in United States and Canada to describe life log disabilities that can be attributed to physical or mental impairments that are clearly manifested prior to the age of 18. Features of syndrome are –
It is not synonymous with developmental delay that is very often the consequences of temporary illness or trauma experienced during the childhood.
People with such developmental disabilities have been viewed as incapable and incompetent in the capacity of decision making or development.
Till enlightenment in Europe, care and asylum were provided either by the families or the church.
Care was mostly taken of the basic needs like food, shelter, and water but not the mental states.

Current Scenario

Today all the support and services are provided to such people by the Government agencies as well as the private nonprofit organizations.

Support Services Ingredients

Support services offered in the Broome Developmental Center at Binghamton such as –
Community inclusion;
Concepts such as social role valorization as well as increased self-determination are the bases for such services;
Models like person centered planning is mostly used by the services;
Also a number of nonprofit organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities try to erase the social and financial barriers included in the community.

Offering the people suffering from developmental disabilities through education and training, at home and community support, residential accommodation, employment supports, day services, and advocacy among others, the Broome Developmental Center at Binghamton is dedicated to the cause of suffering people in the community.

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