The stubbie holder is one amongst the most familiar sights through the Australian summertime. Used to maintain your hands away from the chilly surfaces of drinks bottles, they even assist to avoid the bottles from getting too heat through contact along with your body heat. Acting as a barrier between these two surfaces, stubbie holders are an important feature of Australian culture, and their very ubiquity makes them the best location for branding. Giving away stubbie holders with your company name on could assist your business to generate a lot of sales, and would also increase the public's awareness of your brand.

Simply like different varieties of promotional goods, stubbie holders could be given away free in gift packs. These are a good promotional item to supply to students and young business colleagues, since they are those possibly to be using stubbies on a day-to-day basis. You may even provide them away free as a gift through sports events, where beer drinking and using stubbie holders go together similar to cheese and biscuits. This ensures that the stubbie holder will be used at least once, and a number of the people given the free present can keep those holders, taking them home to use many times, and having a relentless reference to your company every time.

Giving away a stubbie holder to former clients as a thank you can even help you to improve brand recognition of your company and also the products you have got to offer. Your clients are likely to use the stubbie holder when the weather is warm, and might even supply them to friends or neighbors when they are sharing a drink together. This implies that the stubbie holder will be a more helpful tool for obtaining your message across, both to former customers and to possible new customers. By letting your customers have stubbie holders with your name and company slogan on, you may start increasing your customer base, which is part of the battle in growing your company.

An extra benefit of using stubbie holders is that they are often less expensive to purchase and print with your own company logo, rather than shopping for pens or other objects which have a limited use. Though pens may be slightly cheaper one-on-one with the stubbie, the fact is they are often disposed of once they run dry. Stubbies would not have a restricted lifespan, and can be used again and again, helping to promote your business year after year. This is what makes the stubby holder such a sensible investment.

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