Building authority within a specified niche is a very effective marketing strategy used successfully by many online! Developing a web presence by making yourself known as a source of useful content that focuses on a particular niche or topic is a great way to develop a loyal following! However in order for you to become an authority you must first determine that your market selection is the right one for you! In addition you'll need to embrace the 'process' since establishing an authoritative web presence will take time!

Here's a look at the 'process' involved for anybody trying to become an authority within a chosen field which will test your patience and commitment!

Feed Back Is Slow

Building relationships and credibility is a process and not an overnight event therefore you must have faith your market selection is the right one! In the beginning it's ALL about establishing a strong web presence within the niche and not necessarily trying to make money! Here you are forging relationships and demonstrating your level of expertise and willingness to provide free tips and advice!

Requires Dominance

In order to become an authority you must thoroughly saturate the market with your web presence while convincing people you know of what you speak or share! The primary focus is to only establish yourself as a trusted authority and this can frustrate marketers who are wanting to make a profit! What makes this such an effective marketing strategy however is that your reputation is first FIRMLY established! Are you committed enough to forgo sales in the effort to become an authority first?

Loss Potential

Your success or lack thereof will only be clear after investing a considerable amount of your efforts and resources! If you failed to pick a profitable market or to establish your dominance, this setback can be potentially costly to you in several ways! Remember that we're addressing the commitment to this process and a large part is the diligence placed in your initial market research! If you skipped this step or rushed through it haphazardly you'll wind up losing time and wasting much effort! On the other hand if your research is correct and you successfully established your web presence this can be a hugely effective marketing strategy!

Although building authority can allow you to 'dominate' a particular niche it does involve plenty of patience and commitment! It is important to realize the market dominance you seek will NOT materialize overnight and that to become an authority does take time! However if the research you originally conducted is accurate and you're able to establish the dominant web presence needed this can be a very effective marketing strategy! The 3 step process discussed above is merely a reminder that to become an authority and profit accordingly in any niche both diligence and patience are required!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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