Adolescence can be an extremely tricky period in a person’s life. Although being an adult has its own share of complexities but nothing can surpass the confusions and changes that one has to deal with as a teenager.

A teenager not only has to go through the physical and hormonal changes but also through the stress of their changing perception, relations and social interactions. This is the most vulnerable time for them as they are very emotionally volatile and added to that discover their sexuality. A teenager’s self-image becomes very complex and confused since it is shadowed by various changes, chaos, unaccounted enrgies and mood swings.

Although it is believed that childhood is the most important phase in the character building of a person, the importance of the teenage years cannot be dismissed. In fact, the foundation of self-image that has been built in a person’s childhood will be concretized in the adolescent years. This is why extra care should be taken in order to provide the right atmosphere to a teenager to develop.

The following are a few steps that you can take to help your teen blossom healthily into a strong and confident adult.

Create role models

The first and the natural role model to any child would be its parents but it is also important that they see other kids of and around their own age who have achieved great things, so that they know they can set greater goals for themselves. Young achievers in sports, vocations, studies or any other fields can work as great role models for teenagers, since the kids will be easily able to identify with them. The parents should help their kids choose admirable role models and point out to their kids the positive aspects of their personality. However, keep in mind that you must now force it on them or discourage them if their actions do not match up to the role model’s achievements.

Let them know you trust them

One of the things that any child looks for is their parents trust. If you can trust them they will feel responsible and think before making decisions. If you cannot respect them as responsible individuals they might not have confidence enough in them to achieve their goals. However, there is a need to balance this. Trusting your child and letting them do what they please is also not advisable nor is being too strict and forcing your decisions on them. There needs to be a right balance between the two.

Let them open their minds

There should be a friendly environment at home where children, like the adults, have the equal right to speak their minds. Do not assume that only children make the mistakes. It is possible that the parents might be wrong on occasions. You need to consider this. This will show them that you are fair and are not afraid to accept your fault. This will not only lead them to take responsibility for their actions but also respect your decisions better. This will give them a better self-esteem and self-image.

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