Excel Plugin offers users to send SMS through Excel sheet directly. Most business professionals use MS Excel for organizing their customer data. SMS service along with this feature to send SMS from Excel, empowers all users to save their precious time and to send personalized bulk SMS. Bulk SMS Excel Plugin can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel and one can send different SMS to different mobile numbers at once instantly.

For example, if an Insurance Company wants to make its customers remember about the premium due date, it may send customized bulk SMS by including the name of each recipient with his Premium amount due date and payment due date.

Features of Bulk SMS Excel Plugin-

1. Select sender IDs from the drop-down menu.
2. Send customized SMS to contacts from an excel sheet.
3. Send extended SMS of up to 459 characters.
4. Schedule an SMS to be delivered at a later date or time.
5. Shows preview for every number before delivery.
6. Easy to use menus and buttons.
7. Get sending reports by date.
8. Simple to make templates for customized bulk SMS.
9. Quick and correct, can work on background mode means multi-threading and multi-tasking.
10. Excel plugin saves lots of time.

Here are the uses of Bulk SMS service in India. While every company and business use their own marketing tactic we are going to advise you about several marketing fundamentals also which you can also apply to your marketing strategy.

1. Brand Promotional: SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS Indore is very helpful for Brand promotion one very good brand promotional SMS which we receive from DOMINO Pizza along with their offers and other benefits.

2. Latest Product Launch: If you are coming up with the latest product launch Bulk SMS Platform is a very good tool you can quickly react to a lack of people within one click.

3. Sales Advertising: You can also use Bulk SMS Service to increase your Sales promotions to your repeated customer which could help you to increase your returning sales.

4. Alerts or Emergency Services: Nowadays two ways confirmation is very important and you can use bulk SMS service for alerts and emergency service like bank transaction, OPD alert, and other serious alerts.

5. Bulk SMS for Money Exchange: Bulk SMS can be used to send out SMS for any remittance service. When customers pay an amount in cash or other kinds, an SMS confirmation is the best way to relieve their tension that the payment has been received.

6. Bulk SMS for School, College & Institute: A Bulk SMS system is a wonderful value addition to an educational institution. It helps the institution to remind its students of the fees which are due, intimate about any unscheduled holiday, inform the dates of parents – teachers meetings, changes in the schedule of any event and so on.

You should look to the companies that provide bulk sms with excel plugin. This will help you to minimize the error and boost up your speed. There are various companies in the market including Dove-soft Pvt Ltd. .

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