Online Business can be a challenge for many. I would agree.

Most of us do not consider online business as a safe and productive way of doing business. But Why?

No one can guarantee success even in a well established company. So What’s stopping you?


Getting an optimal amount of sale is one of the primary motives of most of the entrepreneurs. And when this doesn’t happen, the imbalance in the expenditure and revenue creates multiple problems for the whole enterprise, thus, hampering future productions.

Hence, utmost attention is and must be paid on ways to increase the purchase of one’s product or service. And while it may seem easy, the course of increasing sales is one of the toughest in the online business.

As a marketer, I have researched on several business operations which helped me understand the working mechanism and tricks to counter fluctuating sales.

So, I have busted few immensely productive tricks for all the entrepreneurs which will help them to improve their sales.

Never Forget your Existing Customers

More often than not, people end up trying items or services which have been recommended by their close ones, rather than some celebrity posing for the brand. Hence, the first way to make existing customers sing high praises of your product or service is to ensure that they get the best of your service.

It is important to fulfill the requirements of the current customers, in order to seek more customers through them. And while positive experiences of the current consumers can get more customers negative experiences too can turn the loyal ones away as well.

For this, you need to focus on the buyer personas of your business and analyze what best you can offer to them. This way you will never miss out on their requirements.

Promote yourself on Social Media

Internet has become a powerful sphere to promote one’s products and services. Most brands and companies are keen on starting their social media pages and conveying to the customers about the specialty and benefits of their products.

Instead of using much celebrity promotion, most brands have now turned to their customers, who are asked to give their review. Reviews are exchanged of certain rewards, which can be availed by those who purchase through the referral of the current customer.

While positive reviews on social media have worked wonders for increasing sales, usage of referral rewards has got much better results. The success of Uber is a big testimony to this method.

Use Blog and Expert Advice

No customer is willing to buy a product just because a salesman says they would need it. Consumers find the product worth trying when the advice comes straight from the mouth of a specialist whose suggestion never goes wrong.

Hence, one way to increase sales is by ensuring that one’s product has been used by an expert or either recommended by him/her. To find whether the product is actually effective or not, most customers turn to blogs where they can find every detail of the product.

Blogs are the modern way of promotion and increasing sales. Also, if the content is genuine it will bring more engagement on your site which will gradually convert into customers for your business.

Focus on Building Trust

It is important to pay attention to the needs of customers and build trust with them. While one might want early delivery and others might wish for a budget-friendly purchase, the key to increase sales is by keeping an eye and fulfilling the demands of the customers.

At times it might seem unreal to fit into the standards of each customer, but believe me, your efforts won’t go waste.

When customers view that products and services are now being offered in consideration to their needs, they will continue to buy them for a longer time. This step not only ensures short-term benefits, but is also quite effective in the longer run for gaining more and more customers.

Keep your Customers Updated

When a huge sale is about to arrive or some changes in the product like a new launch or re-branding, it is important to convey the same to your customers. This not only instills trust in them, but also ensures future commitment and more recommendations from their side.

Such considerations will make them feel valued for your business and create positivity in them. Remember never to forget your customers. They are the ones who will shape your online business and especially for the ones who are a newbie or inexperienced as an entrepreneur.

Make a list of the changes you will be doing in your business and a strategy of how you are going to communicate the same to your audience.

Work on your Website

All of the above tricks can work out only when your website provides great experience to its users. People visiting your site must be able to know where to go and how to search for their products/services.

For example, a clear and precise message with respect to what the item is exceptionally intended for, distinguishing best purchasers and the ones dwelling adjacent, putting customer expectations at forefront and using search engine optimization.

These methods have also contributed in making purchases convenient for our customers giving them a better user experience and eventually increasing sales. For online businesses, it becomes extremely critical to have a great and appealing website so that the customers are always pleased to visit it online.

My Takeaway for You

These tricks (to increase online sales) received recent consideration in the marketing field and have actually worked well for many companies. The virtual world to propagate business has now become key methods to drive expansion and sales.

More or less all of these have made their way into the business world and customers have made it a part of their lives too, hence, employing them will not be hassle or a new thing to the customers.

Author's Bio: 

Tanya is a business researcher, guest post writer and likes to help entrepreneurs improve on to their business skills.