Renting a home is sensible in certain situations. You might not have the income to buy, you might be moving around a lot, you might have to travel often for work to name just three reasons. But when you have the money you can buy bungalows in Kolkata and have an investment that is yours. It is a great choice if you are wanting to live somewhere for more than 5 years, you are starting a family or moving senior parents in with you, or even just that you want your own place. But it is a complicated and expensive process and that can make you nervous and even hesitate over whether buying is the best choice for you. Here is a look at when to buy your own bungalow and when to rent a place.


Renting is best for you

If you are living on your own you might choose to rent over buying. Moving into a bungalow township Kolkata could mean owning a home that really is too large for your needs right now. Too much space also means more work and money to look after it. Another reason to rent is if you do not have the money for a good downpayment. Check out what the current expectation is to get a mortgage and make sure you have it, otherwise, you will have to rent until you have that money. You also need to know that while paying a mortgage each month might be less than paying rent, you also have other costs, the home might need work, and those costs are not there when you rent, that is the problem of the landlords.


Also if you do not have good job security then it is not the time buy. You need to know that you can meet the repayments and the costs and not get into a bad financial situation. Think of what could happen to you and your family if you lose your job after just buying a large dream bungalow. Avoid rushing in and buying if you just are not mentally ready to own a place.


Buying is best for you

You should look at how to buy bungalows in Kolkata if you are financially stable. You have the downpayment, you have an income that is secure, you have a good credit rating to get a good mortgage deal. The more you can comfortably place as a downpayment the better. It reduces the mortgage you need to take out. You should have a plan in place in case the worst happens and you lose some money or your job. Buying is best if you want to settle somewhere and be there for more than 5 years. If you are also looking at buying a home to fix up and then make some money off, you could buy, just don’t be super attached to the bungalow!



It is important to know what your goals are when looking at investing in a bungalow township Kolkata so you can make the best choice and not end up in trouble later on.


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