All of us live in an abundant world and the purpose for achieving abundance is to live a contented and happy life. Certainly, no one does not have the right to live or contended and happy life because that is the real meaning of life. Studies indicate that fourteen trillion dollars exchange hands every day, however a lot of us actually suffer the lack so are bowed down by thinking of it.

Money has a value which is attributed by society and is a mean to exchange for needed things of living. Spirituality neglecting matters of money is ignorant. Mention of spirituality neglecting matters of money to people who are bowed down by working all day but not getting enough money for their basic needs is really scorn.

Otherwise, those who have enough money always have better choices for achieving better things to enrich their soul. It is the accomplishment of it, no matter what the cost such is, such as trampling upon other people and ignoring everything else in the process, it makes it not edifying spiritually. Money and all the things it brings us are proportional directly to how you can tap into the spiritual force to create wealth. This does not mean that those who have much money are spiritual and those who have less money are less happy.

You Have Right to Be What You Want to Be

All of us have the right to be or not to be, to have something or not to have it. We can be a football fan, a vegetarian, a priest, a family man or a eunuch. There is no limit of the choices we can make. If deep from your heart you believe in being a millionaire without any doubt, so you can. Belief and faith that are certain without any doubt and any inner conflicts prepare us to reach successes that other people can call nothing but luck. Believing in yourself and what you can do can kick the ball of chances to your direction. All left is your capability to recognize and act on it.

Thoughts are Powerful in Achieving What You Want to Be

No matter what you are going to do, you start with thoughts. What you are doing, where you are, how you will become, your job, your house, your wife, your kids, your choices are outcomes of the process of thought which you experienced years ago. The right to choose freely is not really free if the process of thought has bound your choices to just the things which you think are impossible. If you think of being a patient, you will act like a patient. If you think of being an innovator, someday you will find the opportunity to be an innovator because we know that thinking is something powerful. It can direct your life to how you want it to be. Additionally, it limits it as we want to. The first thing to be totally free is to free your thoughts from any limitation.

Just Like Thoughts, Speech is Also Powerful

While you are saying something, perhaps you are declaring what you want to be and you believe it. Believing is really the best motivator so if you declare something, you may be convinced by it. When there is no doubt in your mind, your actions will follow.

When we travel through life, a misunderstanding which we always sink into is the understanding that we can promote happiness by acquiring more than requiring

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