Testicle is amongst the most crucial reproductive organs for men. The secondary sexual characteristics, spermatogenic function and physiological function of males are closely related to it.

If testicular inflammation occurs, there are many adverse effects on male reproductive health.

What include the signs of orchitis?

1. Pain. After a man is affected with orchitis, the results of inflammation cause pain in the testicles. At the same time, testicular pain also can cause radiation pain in scrotum, thigh root and inguinal region.

2. The manifestations of systemic poisoning. Orchitis also can cause male friends to possess high fever, chills and other systemic symptoms. If it is a serious attack, male patients will also show symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

3. Men's orchitis can also appear various other symptoms like scrotal swelling, testicular swelling, tenderness; parotid orchitis, parotid gland swelling and pain.

Generaltreatment. It is recommended chill out during intercourse, lift the scrotum and apply hot compress locally. It can relieve symptoms as well as reducing pain.

Drug therapy. The scrotal skin of orchitis is swollen obviously, and hot and humid compress with solution is utilized to facilitate the subsidence of inflammation.

Surgical treatment. For the testicular abscess has been formed, may consider the extraction of pus or incision drainage. When the testis is destroyed on account of suppuration, the diseased testis is easy to remove.

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Experts pointed out that in general, men with orchitis will have fever, chills, and sometimes testicular pain, especially when pressed, the pain is most obvious.