This is a point or question which my students often bring up during my Psychic Development Courses, that is: if it is possible to for them or for the Psychic Reader to be able to change or even reverse certain psychic insights that come up during a psychic reading session. We are referring to psychic insights or predictions which usually point to a potential negative outcome or even to a disruptive event in the near future of the person seeking the guidance!
It is important to understand that all insights that come up in a Psychic Reading, are not scientifically proven facts, that will manifest sure enough, at a specific time and in a very specific way, in a person's life, but only pure possibilities that can be achieved, in a person's near future.
However, what a conscientious psychic reader or consultant should also tell you is that, reality is not set in stone, and that its fabric is fluid and it changes just a little, all the time, every few weeks or so, depending on the energy shifts and emotional and mental state you have and decisions and actions you take, and that you are powerful and you can actually influence and change your future reality, depending on how you feel and live your present life.
So you can actually also change and /or reverse a certain negative prediction that you see in your reading, so that something you do not like to experience, but which the cards or the psychic counselor has pointed out to be most likely to happen, can be either changed or reversed. The best way on how to do this is, of course by learning and practicing and applying the principles of the Laws of the Universe, such as the Law of Attraction and other universal laws on which our Universe was created.
Or if you do not want to wait to learn, practice and apply these principles in the correct way, then a faster and..easier way for you to do this is by not accepting in your life, those insights you see in that reading which are not desirable, and which may invoke emotions of fear or make you feel sad or down and you want to avoid to experience.
If you are the one doing your own reading, through Tarot cards or the pendulum or by meditating, or other psychic tools, you may even mentally connect with your Spirit Guides and without putting any judgment on those specific predictions from a reading, that you do not desire to see in your future, you can just let them know that in your heart, you prefer to experience something different, and that your intention is to reverse the fabric at the basis of that reality and that you now... choose a different and more desirable outcome for your future and you can ask their support on this intention.
Or you can also just speak silently to yourself, to your Higher Self, the part of you that is always connected to the Divine Energy, and ask this outcome to be reversed as your birthright.
You could then add more power to your manifestation process, by visualizing this potential outcome to be wiped out of your energy field by brilliant golden Angelic light and visualizing instead the desired outcome, occurring in its place, then finally thanking the universal energy for this positive change.
Remember everything in our future, is only a possibility, and there are also, other possibilities beside that one and you are in the end the one who has the power to choose, through your intentions, emotions and beliefs you have in the present!

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Author's Bio: 

PhD in Neurolinguistic Science, Certified Hypnotherapist (C.H.t.), Intuitive Counselor, Certified NLP Practitioner, Past Life Therapist , REIKI Energy Master, Medical Intuitive, Law of Attraction Coach, Minister of the Universal Life Church.
Annalena has assisted many people in healing long-lasting problems and achieve success in relationships, finances, career, and other areas of their life path!
Her philosophy is "There Are No Permanent Obstacles, Negative Outcomes Can Be Changed Into Positive Ones".
She is most recognized for her gift to scan and tap into the electromagnetic field of energy of people, and to shift the energy frequency, removing blockages that create problems and keep them stuck.
Her published work includes a book " The History of Organized Crime in America". She has also written several fairy tales, one of which- "The Violet and the Butterfly" won the third prize in the European contest "Hans Christian Andersen's Bay of the Fairy Tales", and was translated into Swedish and Italian. Currently she writes about subjects such as Hypnosis, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Subconscious Beliefs, the Law of Attraction, Energy Medicine, Cellular Memories, Dream Work and Interpretation.