It is often not easy to march to the beat of your own drummer. Most people are concerned about what their peers will think or how they will react if they found out their beliefs are different. This encompasses big and small things alike, from what type of car you drive, your hairstyle, mate or even the church you attend. This leads to the question; does spirituality meld with your lifestyle?

If you are like most people, you want to be viewed as intelligent and too often people think that spirituality and intelligence are mutually exclusive. What do you think? Is it possible for spirituality and intelligence to work together and achieve goals, or can you only have one or the other and not both?

The definition of spirituality is an attachment or sensitivity to religious values. It can also be described as the state or quality of being spiritual. As an intelligent human being can you embrace spirituality even though there does not seem to be a logical reason for it? This takes courage and you may be surprised to find that some of the most enlightened minds of the world have had the courage to do so. Honestly, you can embrace both as they can complement each other.

You will find that the further you pursue both faith and learning the more one supports the other. These two trains of thought can quite peacefully coexist; you may even find that one without the other is simply not satisfying. When you follow the path long enough you will see there is not even a conflict between the two, the conflict is merely imagined.

You are what you think you are is the teaching of many great and notable people. Your thoughts and attitude will have a direct impact on the results you see in life. Positive thinking is proof of this concept, when you believe something you can achieve it but you first must believe in your purpose and yourself.

Defeat and fear will hold you back every time, but positive outlooks will carry you much further. When you go through life always expecting the worst, you will be proven right time and again because these thought patterns actually lead to your defeat.

Would you believe that God has a plan for your success? It is not in his plan for you to fail and when you believe this, it makes perfect intellectual sense to seek out his help. One very popular verse in the Bible teaches that when God is for you, no one can prevail against you!

With prayer, you will find the strength to embrace spirituality and change your life. Spirituality like this can alleviate your fear and give you the freedom to move forward in faith and with courage. This kind of sounds like an intelligent way forward!

Your body is only one element of who you are and your influence that body with your mind and your actions. Intelligence says we should strive for a better world and when you can make a better you through faith and courage it only makes good sense to follow through.

It definitely takes courage to fully embrace your spirituality, but it can be for the highest good. Do not let anyone else choose your beliefs for you; take the time to embrace them yourself. They are no more right than you are!

Once you have resolved your conflicts you will soon find you can help other people do the same. Change the things you can and embrace the things you cannot change. You will know when you have made the right choice, you heart will be quick to let you know.

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