Sleep is well-known to be an activity for resting our bodies and minds—but what about our spirits? In a universal sense, the spirit includes mental functions like awareness, understanding, and insight. From my experience, part of getting a good night’s sleep is about more than recharging the body and brain with a comfortable mattress. It’s also about allowing our “spirit” to get some shut-eye.

So, here’s some food for thought. If the spirit needs to sleep, what is it all about, and what’s making it tired from the get-go? There are all important questions to think about in terms of spiritual sleep.

What is the Human Spirit?

There are about 4,300 religions in the world, according to The Register. However, while people are generally less religious in the past, a large percentage of the world’s population still believes in spirits. That includes 45% of Americans who believe in ghosts and evil spirits, according to YouGov.

Then there’s the concept of a “human spirit.” You’ve likely heard of this term before but might have been unsure what it was all about. Since people have different perspectives, beliefs, and religions, you could get a slightly different explanation from people based on who you asked. 

Being Human 

It’s probably best to focus first on what being human is all about. It could be said that our spirit is something that exists as the human body and mind. One of the main features is the use of actions and creativity to make things like artwork or songs.

Another key component is our limitations. Since we’re not robots, we all have limits that make us unique and creative. This might be related to spiritual sleep since it requires us to recover from a full day of being human and ourselves after we select the most comfortable mattress then sleep soundly.

What Happens During Sleep?

Before taking up whether or not the human spirit can sleep, it’s important to discuss what actually happens during sleep.

Effects on the Body 

Sleep is critical for physical health and is needed like food, water, and air to survive. During this process, the body slows down. This allows it to boost energy, repair cells, and give off various molecules, including proteins.

One of the most important physical functions of sleep is to conserve energy. Simply slowing down, our metabolism reduces how many calories the body needs for energy. In fact, sleeping for 8 hours can save over one-third of daily energy, according to Healthline.

Sleep can also provide other physical benefits related to:

  • Blood sugar
  • Heart health
  • Immune system


We all know from personal experience that a lack of sleep can cause us to feel slow and sleepy the next day.

Effects on the Brain 

Sleep is just as important for the brain as it is for the body. In the past, researchers mostly thought the brain just shut down like Windows 10 when catching Z’s.

However, it is actually quite active at nighttime by processing all the information it has collected during the day. The process is more like optimizing the brain’s function. One theory is that sleep helps the brain’s neurons (nerve cells) to get organized.

Scientists have discovered the brain “cleans house” when a person sleeps. This helps it to function better during the next day. Various studies show that brain functions like focus/concentration, memory, and learning improve when a person is catching Zs. Sleeping also can improve decision-making, problem-solving, and creative juices.   

How Sleep Affects the Emotions 

This issue might hold some keys to whether sleep can recharge the human spirit. The reason is emotions like the spirit are often seen as the link between the mind and body.


Sleeping, Feeling, and Thinking

We know from personal experience that sleep can have a big effect on our mood. We often feel groggy and grumpy when we don’t get a full night’s sleep. Various studies also show that sleep can improve emotional health.

Studies show that sleep boosts brain activity related to controlling emotions. This improves brain function as well as emotional stability.


Sleep and Fear Response 

This is just one area of brain function that can be improved with enough sleep. Fear response controls how you react when you feel threatened in a particularly stressful situation.

If you get enough shut-eye, the brain’s “amygdala” can then respond in a better way. Meanwhile, if you have sleep deprivation, then it’s more likely this brain region will overreact. That’s a bad thing.


Mental Health  

Both sleep and mental health are both closely linked. While mental health conditions can affect your ability to sleep well, studies also show that sleep deprivation might trigger or even cause certain mental health conditions.

How Lack of Sleep Affects the Spirit 

While a good night’s sleep can have a positive effect on your body, mind, and emotions, the opposite effect can happen due to sleep deprivation.


Need for Sleep  

Sleep experts explain that people should focus on the need to get a good night’s sleep instead of earning it. For example, it is interesting that coffee is the world’s most traded product after oil, according to the Perfect Daily Grind. People are drinking more than a cup of coffee at breakfast, right?


Spiritual Sleep 

Returning to the idea of human limits, keep in mind that people need sleep so their bodies, brains, and emotions/spirit can function properly. In a sense, sleep is a spiritual activity because it helps us deal with human limits and weaknesses. People might say “Sleep is for the weak.” However, we are actually less productive when we suffer from a lack of sleep.


Life Cycle  

Slumber is part of the grand scheme of things. For example, our bodies’ energy levels drop at night. Our metabolism and heart rates slow down. It even gets dark outside as a cue for our bodies to shut down.

Spiritual Tips for Improving Sleep Quality 

  • Use breathing techniques at bedtime
  • Meditate to reduce stress and recharge
  • Take a light bath to re-energize the mind and body
  • Eat at light dinner before 6 PM 

Sleep isn’t just something we should do to recharge our bodies or minds after a tough day at work, school, or gym. I’ve found it’s also something that can boost moods and lift spirits. This is due to the mind/body connection that affects what we do and think, and how we feel

In today’s Digital Age of social media, there’s a lot of discussion and disagreement about spirits and spirituality. However, what is clear is that taking steps like buying a comfortable mattress can help us to better understand our limits and weaknesses as humans. In fact, catching enough Zs is a super-effective way to lift the human spirit by rebooting physically, mentally, and emotionally.   

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Hahn Masterson a Senior Content Strategist, holding an MA degree in business communication. She is always doing her best to help her clients find their place in the ever so competitive business arena, insisting on long-term sustainability rather than on some questionable get-rich-fast scheme.