He is the CFO of leading manufacturing and Distribution Company in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Creating value through purpose and reputation is personified.

His perspective

His love of Baker Beach in San Francisco and Lake Merritt in Oakland is alive, and that they still remain his favorite and most original places. The exposure to the cannabis culture in these places allowed him to possess an uncommon perspective. His views on cannabis are that he perceives it as medicine and, most of all, as a way of bringing people together. He realized that he could turn his community, family, and friends as people that carried no stigmatization concerning the cannabis plant.

Life going forward

In 2017 Giovanti Humphries became the CFO of a technology company that was hired to create a platform for the cannabis space. He left behind his comfortable place in corporate financing and began a three-year journey. Humphries used his position to travel and commenced absorbing all information he could on cannabis as he visualized what the planet would be like in an uninhibited cannabis world.

While traveling the planet, he listened to stories from enthusiasts and patients, and he connected to universities and governments to allow them to show how he might be helpful within the cannabis space. He found his true calling in life.

He's the Co-Founder and CFO of GW Holdings, a cannabis micro business that specializes in the business and spreading of 5 brands. His passion for education and guidance, especially for the less fortunate is an advocacy position that he holds on the brink of his heart. He sees cannabis education and his role as a supporter for the federal legalization of cannabis to be supreme. He likes working to teach first-generation college students and youth in danger.

The company stands for Goodwill. Humphries and his CEO have the vision to try to do the proper thing within the cannabis space. He saw the building of a number one manufacturing and distribution company that holds a major location within the downtown core, and he wanted this within the cannabis space.

What is a CEO in relations of the process of business for the businessperson? Well, Humphries examined for someone who had a successful determination and standing. He was checking out an equivalent principle that comes embodied within the ethos of the corporate. CW Holdings stands for a commitment to fairness and equality. It’s what Humphries has always believed in, and he promises that his CEO and every one employee are on an equivalent page.


The CW Holdings Company stands for vitality and originality in its offerings, remembering that the customer is in the middle of everything that they are doing. This is often how Humphries, a top cannabis entrepreneur, earns his living today. He grew up around cannabis and located that the plant bought a relaxing effect on his somewhat turbulent life. Cannabis and therefore the time he spent outside became great partners for his health and finance.

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