Each of us wants to capture moments of everyday life. During various occasions photography becomes necessary. During wedding season, couples want to capture their wedding images in a way that the images become memorable for them. Candid photography is one of the ways of capturing these memorable moments. Candid photography reflects the reality of life through pictures. Authenticity is more important while capturing candid images. You must apply burst mode on your camera for capturing candid shots. So, for having perfect candid photoshoot people start searching for a perfect photographer. Amit Mahendru is one of them.

Amit Mahendru is the best photographer in Lucknow. Amit Mahendru has done candid photography in an amazing way. Amit Mahendru has done various types of candid photography. Some of them are candid pre-wedding photography and candid wedding photography. The way of capturing candid photos by Amit Mahendru is amazing. Here I am going to discuss some of the tips provided by him while doing candid photography. They are underneath.

Tips are given by Amit Mahendru during candid wedding photography-


Flash plays an important role while capturing images. Flashes are the external device which measures the amount of exposure that your image needs.


Filters are required when there is bad weather while capturing images. The filter provides you a good image and removes irregularities from photos. It helps in capturing perfect candid shots.

•Manual settings-

While capturing images some manual settings are required in order to capture perfect candid shots. You can increase your ISO, which can increase the size of the aperture. Increase in size of the aperture will help you to capture the perfect candid shot.

•Capture emotions-

Candid photography is defined as capturing the moments that are unposed or the moments that occur instantly.

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