Hotel management is a service industry which focuses on serving the needs of its clients. Training in hotel management develops niche working skills which are transferable in the service industries. Hotel Managers are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishments.

Most hotels have key departments.

Hotel managers

Are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishmentsControls all financial aspectsEstablishes norms of service to be provided to guests, the standard of housekeeping, food quality, decoration and banquet operations
Assistant managers

Oversee the day-to-day operations of their departmentsResident managers (in large hotels) resolve problems or emergencies round the clockUnder the supervision and guidance of the top management work the various departmental managers
Front office

Front office manager

Oversees the work of receptionists, information clerk, reservation clerk and other services personnel like bell captain, bell boy and doormanAt the reception, the guest 'checks in' and are assisted to go with his baggage to the room with bellboys in attendanceFront Office Managers coordinate reservations and room assignments
Catering department
The Catering department includes:

The culinary departmentThe steward departmentThe food service department
Executive Chefs

Head each of these specialized kitchens under whose direction the chef de parties turn out exquisite preparations and meals
The Assistant Managers

Supervise service in the dining room and other areas of the operation

Head the restaurant arrangementsSee that everything is in order for the food service department. Under the Maitre d' Hotel are the trained hotel personnel who serve and attend to the guests in the hotel with drinks and food
Food and Beverage Manager

Plans, organizes and controls the work of the catering departmentDeal with customers in all kinds of dining establishments from small informal diners to large restaurants. The job is very hectic during parties and conventions
Restaurant and Food Service Managers

Are responsible for stocks of tableware, linens, paper, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and furniture and fixturesArrange for equipment maintenance and repairsMaintain records of hours and wages of employees, payrolls, and taxes, etc.
Banquet Managers

In-charge of catering assignments
Housekeeping Department

Executive Housekeeper are

Responsible for ensuring that guest rooms, meeting and banquet rooms and public areas are clean, orderly and well maintainedThey train, schedule and supervise the work of housekeepers, inspect rooms and order cleaning suppliesThey work with a team of housekeepers, maids, cleaners, seamstresses. Aesthetic upkeep and maintenance of equipment is often a round the clock. Shift duties are assigned to most of this staff
Floor Supervisors

They supervise the work of room maids and linen maids and are in-charge of rooms on a floor
Accounts Department

The Chief Accountant

Is a chartered accountant, has a team of accountants, auditors, cashiers and accounting clerks working in the departmentWorks directly under the executive manager
Marketing Department

Sales and marketing division works to identify the needs of prospective customers and sell the services which have been developed
Engineering Department

Procures, installs and maintains all equipment used in hotels
Personnel Department

Personnel departments engaged in the process of recruiting and training fresh personnel as well as providing in service trainingIt looks into the personnel needs and requirements of its employees
Forecasting Department

Key role in the enhancement of profitability of business
Projects growth in terms of business to arranging financial investments is the task of this department

Skills required
Attitude/ aptitude suitability
Flair for creativity
Liking for people
Ability to shoulder responsibility
Ability to work odd hours
Outgoing and pleasant personality
Capacity for hard work
Flair and flamboyance along with discipline, commitment and dedication
Team spirit

Employment Opportunities
Besides working in hotels, the job options hotel management diploma/degree holders have are in:
Restaurant managementFast food joint managementClub managementRecreation and health centre cateringCruise ship hotel managementHospital administration and cateringInstitutional and industrial cateringAirline catering and cabin servicesManufacturers and suppliers of hotel and restaurant equipment and servicesHotel and catering institutesHotel and tourism associationsCatering departments in banks and insurance housesWith government owned catering departments, e.g., railway, armed forces, ministerial conventions, etc.In food, confectionery, beverage production industries

Recruiting Sectors
All HotelsArmed ForcesCruise shipsGovernment canteensIndustries having catering facilityRailwaysResorts

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