Congratulations on landing your first job. Fresh out of college and getting an opportunity to work in the professional field is amazing as you grow and learn a lot of new skills.

Quite frankly, when you start a job, you have mixed emotions. You are excited and happy about landing a job, but you are nervous too, and getting comfortable in your first job will take time. Your company will try their best to make you comfortable and help you learn the skills, and techniques you need to excel in your job.

But your personal growth in career and how you excel in your job is totally up to you. It includes finishing work before deadline, reaching office on time, and following the dress code, and maintaining your behavior. All this can be quite overwhelming as you are new to the professional world.

But you can do it; you can find a way to power through this phase and make a career for yourself. How? By following these tips:

1. Be professional, it has value

When you enter the professional world, you have to abide by its laws. That means coming on time, being friendly with your co-workers but not oversharing, not letting your personal life affect your professional life and so on.
All this is important, and as a fresher, you might not know a lot about the professional world. But the recruiter expects you to have a bit of professional like punctuality and hard work. The rest you will learn gradually. Also, it is important to carry a professional resume with you on your first day and you can use Canva to create a resume that suits your profession.

2. Making demands early on is not good

It is your first job and you have no idea how the industry works, then how can you ask them to let you handle the work, and schedule the way you want? It is not ideal, because before you ask for such rewards; you need to earn their trust.

The first 90 days of your job is an extension to the personal interview, and you have to prove yourself. Show them through your hard-work that they made the right choice before demanding control of work hours and schedule. Once you have earned their respect and trust, you can ask for some leniency so that you can control your work-load, time and schedule.

3. Don't be shy, if you require help, ask

As a new employee, most workers don’t ask for help thinking that the senior would think you are unqualified. But this is not true. You are new to this world, and you will have to overcome many challenges, and if some challenges are too much, asking for help is important. It shows that you are willing to learn and grow.

Also, if you are not able to maintain the workload, ask for help from your team or manager, and they will guide you on how to get through that.

4. Healthy boundaries are important

Just because it is your first job, doesn’t mean you can let your employer take advantage of you. It is important to set some limitations, some healthy boundaries. It will make clear what you are willing to do like how late you can stay in office or whether working on weekends is acceptable to you or not.

It will help you work with more dedication and maintain a balance between professional and personal life.

5. If you make mistakes, own them

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it is their first job. It is fine to do so, what is not okay is when you cover or hide your mistake. Instead of hiding them, own them, and let your manager know how sorry you are. Assure them that you will fix it, and won’t repeat that mistake ever.

6. Keep your nose out of other people’s business

Until and unless someone is cheating the company, doing unethical work, or harassing a co-worker; mind your own business. Focus on your work, and don’t poke your nose in other people’s work. The manager will oversee all projects, you don’t have to do that.

7. Find a mentor

It is important to have someone who can guide you and let you know where you are making a mistake and impart wisdom too. It can be a leader who has a high position or a senior with some years of experience. The point is to have someone who can help you grow by showing you the ropes.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to begin your first job.

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