Today, career options have broadened and spread across many areas. Earlier, there were a few jobs which were preferred by the youth and topped the rank every year. However, since there has been a major shift in the education structure, the thinking and perspective has become much more broadened. Students have decided to think on their own and have say in their career choices. Earlier, they were cowed down by their peers or others to choose the career of their choices irrespective of the child's potential and interest. They had blinkers so to only see one stream which dominated. However, today there is a vast ocean of career options, some have emerged from the already existing fields, like civil engineering, while others are a complete novelty, like gemology.
Career in Civil Engineering:
Civil engineering deals with planning, designing and supervising things essential in today's life like dams, bridges, transit systems, airports, harbors, tunnels, buildings etc.
It is a four year course and the eligibility criteria requires 12th pass student with subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics.
There is a wide scope for civil engineers. You can take up government projects, or projects that come under private sector, military projects etc.
You can also take up research and teach other students in universities.
There are various top notch colleges that provide this degree. Some of them are, Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, IIT in Bangalore, IT in Kozhikode, Anna University, IECC College of Engineering etc.
Career in Gemology:
In a country like India, career such as Gemology has to be successful. Indian women are loaded with gems and jewellery especially in marriages or religious festivals.
In such a scenario, there is high demand for gemologists in India to cut, design and make jewelleries with gems.
Today, gemology as a career options has grown immensely. There are numerous colleges that provide this degree and private institutes that provide diploma courses.
Jobs opportunities are vast. You can join a jewellery store, or start up your own enterprise, or even work under a brand name.
Some of the colleges that provide this degree are Indian Gemological Institute, Gem and Export Promoter Council, Gemstones Artisans Training schools, etc
Thus, Gemology and Civil engineering both are budding careers and have a huge scope in India. They have already attracted a large mass of crowd and continue to capture the attention of students who want to try career options out of the usual clichéd groups.

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