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For the past years, the number of carjacked cars has risen so drastically a lot of people are concerned. As long as you have a vehicle, you are prone to becoming one of the victims.

It is time to know the different carjacking tips:

1. Be extra vigilant. Be alert of suspicious people or even vehicles. A lot of people let their guard down once they are already driving, thinking they are completely safe. Not necessarily. There are some carjackers who can tail you behind, and it does not matter where you go. They are looking for the most perfect opportunity to get hold of your vehicle.

2. Park in well-lit and guarded areas. Look for establishments with guards and cameras installed in parking areas, especially in the basement. As much as possible too park in areas where there are plenty of light around. No matter how scheming they are, they can’t take the risk of being seen and caught doing the act.

3. Use tinted glass. Some vehicle owners do not want tinted glass, as it may be costly. However, it can be used as a good defense against car thieves. Before they steal, they would normally peek inside vehicles to know what valuables you have. Unless it is really the car they are after, they would look for another car if they could not take a look at what you have immediately.

4. Never leave the keys attached to your car. Doing so is like telling the carjackers that it is okay to take your vehicle away.

5. Do not talk to strangers. Prevent yourself from entertaining people you do not know, especially those who knock on your doors or would suddenly approach you from nowhere. Some of the cunning carjackers do this to let your guard down until you are vulnerable enough for them to strike.

6. Avoid driving alone. If you can have someone with you every time you go out, then the better. However, it is not a good idea to tag along a child all the time. You worry not only for your car but also for the kid.

7. Drive a non-expensive vehicle. Carjackers choose their vehicles well. They want those that are very easy to sell, and these are those that are very expensive. If you want to keep a low profile, then you should settle for cheaper cars. Besides, if you would really lose them, you do not lose a lot.

8. Do not fight them. What if your car is really being carjacked? The best thing to do is to just give the car keys and let them drive off. Your life is more precious than your vehicles. However, you need to report the case as soon as possible to the police.

9. Reduce your anxiety and stress. The thought of being carjacked is already enough reason to be very stressed and anxious. These negative emotions may force you to stop functioning properly. When the anxiety is too high, use subliminal messages or affirmations. You want to encourage positive thoughts.

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